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H.E.R., Vol. 2 - The B Sides - EP


Apr 26, 2019

An Intimate Experience With H.E.R.

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio / 6 mins read

In one of her songs, H.E.R., says that her lover is the coffee she needs in the morning, for me, her music is the glass of wine in the evenings. Let's go straight to the point: This singer has not only the best selection of songs to fall in love, also has the sensibility to transform them into an unforgettable experience for the ears. On this occasion, I would like to refer specifically to the H.E.R. - VOL. 2 – THE B SIDES - EP. I found it simply exquisite, particularly the atmosphere created by the depth of the bass and its simple, but very effective, arrangements. The bass fills the entire space of the songs and allows the percussions to take you to the desired place. There has not been need for a musicalization full of instruments and fixes, since the main weapon of these songs is precisely the extraordinary voice of H.E.R. Do we need more? I do not think so, his spectacular voice managed with mastery, sometimes nasal and sometimes more powerful, but never leaving the sweetness in the interpretation, recreates the perfect time for intimacy. This album can be listened to twice easily... or more, if the night is lengthened.

Who Doesn´t Want To Be Free?

If there is something that an artist wants is the freedom to express itself, to print its stamp on every song and not be limited by anyone. Sometimes recording studios, musicians, arrangers, directors and producers, come to put a straitjacket to your creativity and there is nothing worse than that for an artist; above all, an artist with the characteristics of H.E.R., who struggles for a long time not to be like one more and be distinguish between the abundant number of plastic artists. With the softness that characterizes her singing, H.E.R., seems to have been empowered for the selection, arrangements and interpretation of the themes of this EP, since it never disappoints us in her style and is not carried by currents of fashion or cliches. True to her idea and convinced that those who listen to her will be transported to the exact place where she wants to take us, the interpreter achieves each one of its goals. I wonder if success and engagements with the public and record label will lead her to chain herself to a particular style; I hope not, when an artist arrives at the prison of the commercial, usually begins its debacle and I prefer artists like the one that is heard in this material: happy what she is doing and free to explore new things in the future. And who better to talk to us about freedom than H.E.R.

The Exquisite “Best Part”

Already installed on the most comfortable area of our house, with the glass of wine in hand and the right company, let love guide us. The exquisiteness with which this “Best Part” was written and interpreted has no comparison, the well-assembled voices, the time and cadence with which each of the interpreters (Daniel Caesar accompanies her) they adorn the song and really achieve their goal. However, for me, the shy, but not least important protagonists of this song are acoustic and electric guitar. I really appreciate this treatment to our old friends the guitars. As a guitarist, sometimes I see with sadness how much of the music these days ignores the use of the guitar, either by practicality, economy or ignorance. But today we can celebrate our artist in question, because she knows and respects the importance of one of the musical instruments that has accompanied us throughout the birth and evolution of R&B and many other musical genres. You can't overlook the use of the guitar, we'd be mutilating the music, we'd be depriving the future generations of enjoyment that produces listening to something done with the hands, played by a human being. Let’s listen:

The Place I Rather Be

Yes, I stay here, with a unique and authentic interpreter, who respects the rules of their genre and executes it masterfully, which has given us a lot in a short time and will offer us even more in the time to come. Nothing better than something done with the heart, from the heart and reach straight to the heart, so is the selection that today I chose from this great singer. Although she has conquered many achievements up to this moment, she is about to collect the best because her career is on the rise and those who value her will be more and more. H.E.R., a millennial that has been able to understand and assimilate all that the great characters of the R&B have contributed to the history of the popular music and at the same time, has been able to contribute with new ideas and all its talent so that this genre grows and does not stop producing pleasant experiences for the great public. She knows she has it all revealed (Having Everything Revealed) and, therefore, she will be the messenger that will give us the true meaning of music: to show our emotions no matter what, to feel free to express ourselves and to give a privileged place to the feelings so that the love does not end. From child prodigy to woman respected by the connoisseurs and the not so much, it also carries a light to all the women who in difficult situations cannot or do not know how to manifest themselves. She is an artist in the full extent of the word, because she is not only committed to her art, but also to those who need her to say things and say them loudly. Guest artist, showgirl, friend and woman, brings with it a burden that does not seem to weigh her much; on the contrary, it is noted that it enjoys the fact of being an anti-star as she has declared it. It is time to pay attention to this free soul, which gives everything and expects nothing in return. Grammy Awards, Soul Train Music Awards, BET Awards and Soul Train Music Awards matter, but they don't matter more than the essence of her art and honesty with which she gives it away. In the end, it will only be that which remains, her sweet and polite voice, the sensual and suggestive rhythm... and the glass of wine almost empty.