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One More Light


May 17, 2019

Linkin Park and their album "One More Light" is just another one

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio / 6 mins read

They waited 3 years to release a record. It was the period from 2014 to 2017, I suppose that many looked forward to it, I was one of them because in previous albums Linkin Park had filled all my expectations or almost all, however in One More Light they fell short. I'm not saying it's a bad record, but I think it will not be remembered as the best either. It's hard for me to say it because I'm really fond of the Californian band since its origins in the year 2000 when they released their first album Hybrid Theory. Returning to the record we are talking about, it is basically an album that, although it does not lose the style and spirit of Linkin Park, tries things like collaborations with other artists that make it lose its identity a bit. The lyrics are perhaps the most salvageable since they continue showing a lot of tact to touch sensitive topics for many. It is perhaps in the musical part where they did not do enough, and not because they are bad with their instruments or with their technique to compose, but because of the styles they approach. Certain songs sound more like a Boy Band than the rock they played in past years. I do not deny that they still have a great preference in the world public, for example, the popularity charts in the United States and other countries placed this album in the first places, making the commercial success of One More Light indisputable, although as musician and from my very particular point of view, I think the band could have given much more. The excessive use of synthesizers and the softness of many of the songs reaching to sound like a pop ballad takes them too far from their origins. Are there things to rescue? Of course, and we should not deny the quality with which the tracks have been recorded; however, leave things that hopefully can recover on the discs that are to come. The course they chose for this album was safe, risking little and ensuring the necessary sales to survive and continue creating songs and filling stadiums, but until then nothing more.

Saving the album

"Talking to Myself" is perhaps one of the two songs that save the album. I think it is in this song that they preserve their style to compose and pay due attention to offer their audience what they expect from them. Written and executed with the energy that we know about them and showing in the official video everything they transmit to their fans at concerts. More than one of their fans must have seen their self in the images of stadiums full of people and will surely be happy to immortalize their image in the video of their idols forever. In fact, the video is another element that rescues the work done by those of the band, since each time that an artist or artists care to record all the people who attend their presentations, in some way give them the credit for being a part of success, ties with people are even stronger and causes support for them to be greater. There is no doubt that they know how to do things to maintain the love that people have for the band, although it would be important for them to be aware that this can be ended if they continue to deliver material that departs from what people expect. We all know that the life of such a famous band entails problems inherent in hard work and commitments, in addition to the difficulties inherent in the coexistence between the members of the band and all those around them, so it is now more than ever when they must concentrate and remember everything that took them to the top to be able to continue giving people all those deep lyrics and that music that fills with courage and energy. Unfortunately, I can not talk about the way I did with "Talking to Myself" for all the songs, since when I finished listening to the album, there were some songs that I have forgotten. But this is the way music and tastes are. Very likely if you are reading this and you loved the album, you will not agree on what I have written so far and there is no way to please everyone.

Two sides of the same coin

Probably one of the songs that best exemplify my feeling about the emptiness of this record is "Heavy", which had the collaboration of Kiiara, The theme is difficult to tackle for any composer and the way Linkin Park does it in terms of the lyrics are admirable and profound, but my problem is with the arrangements and the musical treatment that they gave to the song. I do not know if it was to make it more appropriate to Kiiara's style or what happened but, as the title of the song says, I expected something heavier. The theme has everything to tear your soul and raise awareness about the problems that many are going through or have gone through, but for me, the musical arrangement does not take me to that level of consciousness and is lost in very harmless chords with a little personality. On the other side of the coin is the song "Sharp Edges" this is another song that rescues the album and the good reputation of the band. A sincere song and played with a lot of feeling, with a beginning where practically the voice and the guitar are one and go growing as the theme develops to integrate the correct instruments and a rhythm that takes you up to the end without you noticing of it. The lyrics are a jewel that reminds many of us to think about the times of adolescence and to reflect on the things we should have considered, but we did not do it and now we suffer the consequences. Definitely "Talking to Myself" and "Sharp Edges" are the songs that for me save the album and make us keep faith in Linkin Park.