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Meet the Beatles!

"The Beatles"

May 17, 2019

Meet The Beatles! The beginning of my life

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio / 6 mins read

We all celebrate the day we arrived in this world, in reality, it is something that nobody remembers since for some reason our memory does not reach there. Do we laugh? Do we cry? do we get scared? Or were we just sleeping? The truth is that we only know what our parents tell us about that moment in which we are born, and it is surely a version distorted by the time and the love that they have. For me, the day we are really born is the day in which, in the first place, we are fully aware of our existence and, secondly, when something happens in our lives that mark us forever. That is the exact day on which we are part of all this madness called planet earth. Suddenly we are at an early age with something that marvels us, breaks our hearts, it makes us fall in love, scares us or fills us with curiosity, that is the event that will hang from our soul forever. The point where we no longer find it so interesting to run behind a ball and we prefer to do something else, something that fills us more with that curiosity that is beginning to awaken. There are also very sad experiences in many human beings that awaken them to life in a tragic way; However, I think that most of us keep beautiful and happy moments, even if they are simple, and that is what we attach importance to. Throughout my life, I have tried to confirm what was that moment in my life that formally converted me into this thing that I am now, and I always reach the same conclusion. As much as I want to remember different moments or situations that could have touched me as to be aware of what I was and wanted to be, every time I do the exercise I get to the same point. And that's what it is for me without a doubt is: "the music" was the one that marked my life forever and it embarked me on this beautiful hobby that for many years was also my profession. I was 8 years old and thanks to a friend from the school I heard something that he assured me was the best I could hear in my whole life. The matter became serious for me because it was not about the large number of songs, I heard that afternoon, it was exclusively the first song I heard. I think that was part of the random unless my friend (8 years old as well) had a master plan to make me become the biggest fan of that band, but I do not think so. Out of nowhere, the count was heard: "One, Two, Three, Four!" of Paul McCartney and my life started at that very moment.

This is what I want

That day should be celebrated as my birthday. Suddenly my whole body began to feel the force with which hits that song. More than referring to the lyric, I refer to the impressive source of energy that transmits their music and the way they are interpreted by the "The Beatles". The arrangement of the bass hits you right in the chest and the shrieking sound of the Rickenbacker guitar forces you to pay attention. Too bad that the original mix and the style of that time when playing the drums was not determined enough as it is now, if the sound of the drums had been emphasized, that would have been the end of the world for me. And it is that, for an 8-year-old boy accustomed to listening to children's music or regional music in his town, this was an impact that marked my life forever. Electrifying and decisive for what I wanted to do with my life. There was an acoustic guitar in my house that belonged to my brother and I said: "this is what I want". Learning the first chords was not so difficult, tuning the guitar either. So, everything was flowing so that the meaning of my life was in that direction and want to one day play in front of an audience of the size that was the songs of my heroes. And that's how it was before I turned 16, I had already been invited by some musicians from the neighborhood to play a good selection of The Beatles music that included the years from 1963 to 1966 and the children who listened to us were happy. Another topic that represented a pride for me to interpret is "I Want to Hold Your Hand".

These four from Liverpool

Music from the sixties that laid the foundations for what we all hear today and that also opened the doors to extraordinary artists. He also showed the way from the marketing point of view so that the music industry grew to an immeasurable size. How many times have we not seen the same formula repeated to infinity in groups and boy bands in all countries, including those that do not share a culture similar to European or American? Inclusive, the image of the most famous members of the boy bands of the popular K-Pop today, is based on the image design of John, Paul, George, and Ringo. I do not mean the visual image, but those stories created around your person, to give the impression that one of them is rebellious, the other romantic, one with mystical personality and the other very funny. It is repeated again and again, and the truth is that the fans love it although in most cases it is not totally true. In fact, and for later stories that have been published about it, the members of The Beatles were not very close to the personality that was made. But the important thing is the weight that these four of Liverpool have not only in the music industry leaving memorable songs, but because of the meaning, they gave to the lives of millions of people in the world, including me. The story created in relatively few albums of the band, give for many narratives that I hope to be able to write in later deliveries. I am very interested in sharing with anyone who wants to read this, part of what formed me as a musician, but, above all, as a person.