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"Charlie Puth"

May 31, 2019

Do you know Charlie Puth and his album Voicenotes?

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio / 6 mins read

Do you know Charlie Puth and his album Voicenotes? That will be the question I will ask each of my friends who love music (over forty years old) in the coming weeks. In fact, I will ask that question to anyone who crosses my path, regardless of age or if they like music in one style or another. I think I'll ask this question for more than a year, I do not mind being criticized, and if the answer is: no, but I think it's a millennial boy, is not it? I'll answer: shut up and listen! And if they insist and tell me: I think his style is purely pop, is not it? I'll say shut up and listen! No matter age or style, when quality is in everything you do, it will be recognized, and you will not be able to deny the value you bring to anything you do. I was impressed with each track of Voicenotes he is involved in the composition of eleven from thirteen songs, and all of them print a unique stamp when interpreted with a refinement that is rarely heard. An excellently educated voice, a singer who knows what he has and exploits it perfectly, an artist who forces everyone to follow him and wait for whatever he does to have it on his devices and reproduce it as many times as possible. You dance, you get romantic, you transport yourself to an atmosphere of beauty. The colors of the sounds achieved for this album are mixed with the clarity of his perfectly well-modulated voice, creating images that he had never experienced before. On many occasions I have used the word "exquisite" to describe an arrangement, a song or a way of singing; but today, I can affirm that Charlie Puth and his album Voicenotes is the definition of "exquisite". I can not remove the headphones, I'm listening to each song several times, I stop and return the track to hear that detail again in the voice, the arrangement in some instrument, the depth of the bass sounds, the bright sound of the guitar and the keyboard; in short, I am pleased one hundred percent. If any of the people I recommend (demand?) to listen to this record, ask me what songs I suggest, the answer is simple: all. From beginning to end, without pause and without distractions. I would even say that if you do not want to see the videos it's fine. Sorry for the above, but I am one of those who think that when you want to appreciate music in all its splendor you need to isolate yourself from everything that can make you lose the most brilliant or emotional moments of a work. I have heard many guys of Charlie Puth's age say that they despise everything that has to do with pop because it seems artificial, very commercial and absent of the content and musical quality. I tell them not to be wrong, I accept that sometimes pop worldwide leaves much to be desired, but in the case of Voicenotes things are different. It is worth its weight in gold. As I have said in other Narratives: please, do not despise the fact that there are people at this moment who are facing the risk of composing original songs to enrich the music industry that, in the end, the only thing that is intended is to entertain us. And please, I ask people from other cultures and languages ​​who are reading this: get away from prejudices and value this guy.

I want it whole

Many years ago, I was looking for music in the virtuosity of the musicians when playing their instrument. I was impressed by Jools Holland's mastery on the piano and Billy Preston's Hammond organ. I fell on my knees before my Guitar Heroes: Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton and looked for the sweetest songs played in the privileged voice of Paul McCartney. And I'm not saying that I do not like it now, but my musical needs have changed and now I'm looking for a set of musical elements to be grouped in a coherent and harmonic way to create a complete experience. I want all, and like a whole a whole. From the beginning and without giving preference to certain instruments and the order in which they should appear, I do not want to waste time waiting for something specific in a song, now everything has to be satisfactory and beautiful in principle to end I am not looking for the participation of a musician or two or exclusively the participation of the singer and that everything else is below it. What I want today is to feel that everything is one thing that takes me by the hand through landscapes that I have never traveled before and that makes me feel good. That's what I experienced when listening to the whole Charlie Puth record. I must confess that I feel guilty since I had previously heard a song from the previous album of this artist and composer and thought that I would find something similar to Shawn Mendes or Sam Smith. I was very wrong, and I must pay the penance of my sin by presenting everyone who crosses my path this album. It's a wonder that makes you float.

And it just starts

In fact, the story that we can tell of Charlie Puth is very short, but if it continues like this, his story will be built not only of successes, but of important recognition by large sectors of the record industry and, more importantly, of the Music lovers all over the world. It is a matter of time before legendary pop figures invite you to collaborate with them to refresh and give new impetus to their careers with the talent of this singer as is common nowadays. It would not be at all strange that in the short term we see him on the side of a diva or a hero of rock or pop. Like almost every one of his age, his beginnings were on YouTube and then he jumped to fame with just two studio albums and some collaborations with pop stars of the moment. Educated in music since the age of four, he has managed to impress many and his growth will make him reach a place among the greats. For now, it's all I have to say about Voicenotes, what's next for me is to keep quiet and keep listening to Charlie Puth.