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May 08, 2019

Charli XCX And The Reflection Of A Society In Its Number 1 Angel

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio / 6 mins read

Make a stop along the way and enjoy watching a beautiful girl while listening to her music, why not? Well, in reality it is not about being frivolous and superficial, but it is also valid to have fun, I suppose it is still a right for human beings, although there are many out there in social networks trying not to be. But we are more those that we continue pushing so that people have more than one reason in the day to be happy and the music, of whatever style, to the genre it belongs and in the language in which it is recorded, is a great vehicle for achieve it I think that's what Charli XCX does. However, if we try to delve a bit more into what her presence in the British music market means in particular, we can find very interesting reflections on what is today its society, in particular the girls of her age. I do not intend under any circumstances to criticize in a negative way the mentality and way of life of the British as a whole; in fact, I do appreciate them, and I have an affectionate bond with them that could never be destroyed. I have beautiful memories of the years I lived there, specifically, in Scotland, where I had the opportunity to get into their society, to live with people of all ages with very different ways of seeing life and with different ways of thinking about what is today the world and its reality. I just find in Charli XCX and her album Number 1 Angel, an excellent excuse to reflect on one aspect of what I saw while I was there, what made me fall in love with that part of the world and what saddest feelings caused me, what it helped me grow as a person and what allowed me, above all, fulfill a dream and know the dream of many others.

The Fascination For Those Brown Eyes

One of the things that caused a first impact on me when I started living there, was that the British feel a special attraction for the eyes of different colors to theirs, which are mostly blue. It may seem obvious the comment since you always feel attracted to the different, but live it in your own flesh, being Latin American and feeling attracted by blue eyes because here almost everyone have brown eyes, the thing gets interesting, do not you think? That is why it is not strange that Charli XCX had a great reception there among the British public, her brown eyes must have caused an immediate fascination among the locals. Her dark hair and her very particular features became a magnet that attracted a lot of attention. If we add rhythms such as Pop Punk and Synthpop, mixed with lyrics that are not necessarily deep, but say things that many people talk about in their daily lives, success was only a matter of time and Charli XCX already have. Trying to find a relationship between the lyrics of this artist's songs and the dreams of many girls her age that I knew, are compatible with many of the things she expresses in several of her tracks. No matter what socio-economic class they come from, girls basically dream of parties every day, luxury cars, limousines, champagne, branded clothes and even if it sounds strong, they do not have to work for the rest of their lives. How to achieve it? Find the opportunity or wait for a stroke of luck to meet a professional footballer, I'm not kidding. No one told me in the third person, some friends told me directly. And it's not that there's anything wrong with it, but sometimes that kind of dreams generates more frustrations than satisfiers. Of course, I knew other ways of thinking among girls, however, this was something that was repeated more frequently. And that's what and that is what for me projects Charli XCX and, what made her an artist acclaimed by the British public, in a short time and 4 albums, they adopted her as their “Babygirl”, which represents, precisely, the dream of many girls.

In The End, Love And Loneliness

However, despite the fact that girls only want to have fun, the most primitive feelings in the human being and the noblest reasons flourish and become present, creating a personality that, although determined, often makes you vulnerable and emotional: love. We all pretend consciously or unconsciously to find love and despite our dreams and sometimes the desire to leave the life we supposedly do not like; love locates us and places us where we belong. Sometimes it is painful and on more than one occasion, the girls I met and who had a great desire to leave their life deprived (what the British consider lacking, not what other countries suffer that sometimes is usually much more serious) they ran into some guy at work, in the social circle or in a bar and, without warning, they fell madly in love with him. Far from the dream of meeting a millionaire soccer player from ManU or Glasgow Celtic, his boy was as common as everyone and had a life as modest as everyone. But love came, finally, and that is a gain. But time passed and the relationship was cooling. For some strange reason (strange for a Latino who always puts his girl first, above all, above all things) British boys prefer to spend all their free time with their mates, they do not give their girls time anymore , they forget them like any other object on their flats and they fall into a deep depression. Alcohol is a refuge in those moments of sadness where they realize that time passed, and their dreams did not come true (they were almost impossible) and love did not fulfill the script that they had written in their hearts. It must have been different, they will think, but it was not. Dreams turned into smoke and broken hearts. Rage, despair and a life ahead, with sad eyes and looking for something lost that will never appear. Amid all this and more, Charli XCX is part of the soundtrack of their life.