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Apr 26, 2019

When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? That's What We All Would Like To Know Billie Eilish

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio / 6 mins read
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Some believe that success is accidental, I think it's fate. Born in this millennium, with all the advantages, risks and existential dilemmas that this implies, Billie Eilish has been called (perhaps from the Kingdom of dreams that she inhabits from before birth) to be the icon of her generation. I Imagine a girl with a desperate twitch, unstoppable flickering eyes, coughing frequently, wipinging her throat all the time, even sniffing things in a strange way and making gestures that bothers her mother (if ever was near her). She accumulated those hobbies and all the thoughts that came to her at night while trying to sleep; but especially when she managed to get into that stage where nobody knows where we go. Intrigued, she asks aloud what is that place where we go while we sleep, but Billie knows well that she is there right now because she hasn't woken up yet. Why don't we just ask her to give us the right answer? With a disease that has no cure; the wonder from the simplest of life to so complex that no one issues to failed to respond throughout all time, the artist suffers, enjoys and even gives herself the privilege of asking us not to call her pretty although it’s her beauty which forces us to do it. We are faced with the birth of a symbol of her generation, someone who has not been proposed to be the guide of anyone, but her fatal destiny will force her to give way to all the fears, hopes and the repressed desires of millions of young people who (like her) now face a polarized world, full of hatred, empty of expectations, but hoping to get somewhere, even if it's a town where there is nothing, knowing at least there is a place to be. In a short time, robots will threaten their existence and probably the spiral of hatred and violence that is just beginning, reaching them when she and her contemporaries are the ones who should take decisions. Will they burst into tears, in anger, or shall they stop to contemplate those ocean-colored eyes?

Who’s That Bad Guy?

In many times that rough image, violent and difficult to penetrate, hides unspeakable fears, a terrible desire to cry and chronic sadness for loneliness and abandonment; so, I don't think it's fair to judge the people who are going through that. What is interesting is to analyze the environment that causes people with these feelings around the world. As time goes on, societies create more people like this, regardless of their way of dressing, the amount of tattoos or the number of times they get furious with someone, they all have something in common: the head’s a little bit inclined and has a look that at the same time reflects rejection and fear. They go through life being labeled as the bad guys, when in fact the bad guys (most) are the ones who label them that way. Because the intolerance to the different and the loneliness in the childhood they were subjected to, the product of the personal, professional and economic needs of the family, coupled with the lack of interest of the modern era, punishes them from an early age, creating in them a thick and impenetrable shell formed of such noble and innocent feelings at first, but which end in hatred and is hard to resolve grudges later. The pardons never arrive and the distances are lengthened more and more. The blows go from one place to another via internet at the beginning then, they become something physical on the streets. The inevitable fate of all of us is the conflict and there are very few ways to solve it. Maybe that's the mission of this genius in power (even if Billie Eilish doesn't want it): Free up the mood before they explode.

Kings Of Their Own Country

Fortunately, there is imagination and, in those moments, when no one sees you, you can be who you want to be. Look in the mirror and see reflected that you’re fantastic and full of powers, capable of anything, you can be an admirer of yourself, king or queen of your own kingdom. And so, Billie Eilish has been crowned in the realm of dreams, which she says not knowing but inhabits every day, owner of the road that is to be traversed in this difficult race, but sure to do whatever she wants because she knows that that's the direct way to strengthen her own style and get her masterpiece. Accompanied not only by her brother, but all those who adore her in such a short time, serving as a light to understand a little more the times we have lived. Alone, as it seems, but at the same time surrounded by millions of loners that we already have company, their music. Full of unanswered questions, like all of us, she will know the truth in one of these nights.

But Be Fun!

After all, life has its respite and fortunately offers us every weekend. No matter what happens, no matter the bad times, the projects without end or rainy days, there will always be a moment to laugh, even if it is of oneself, even if it is of nothing. Even the rudest of the guys stops to have a beer with friends and for a moment, forgets everything that makes him sad or furious, takes refuge in music and enjoys it and sometimes cries to empty that soul laden with feelings – Careful Divas! Careful Music Legends! Pay attention to this little girl who is already taking her place among the greats. Soon it will be the mandatory reference to understand the direction of Alternative Pop that has taken us all by surprise. For now, there’s nothing more comforting than having the opportunity to see Billie Eilish as in very few moments: quiet, staring at us, as if only she and us exist and nothing else. Let her go through our eyes and ears and open the heart so that she may find the perfect place she has been looking for, just to rest, no matter where she goes when she sleeps.