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Hurts 2B Human


May 10, 2019

Hurts 2B Human, Do You Say It Because You’re 40 P!nk?

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio / 6 mins read

Normally people say that there is an existential crisis at 40, others say it is at 30 or 50 or 60 ... anyway. I think that at different moments of our lives we all go through crises that sometimes leave us frozen, make us feel melancholic and almost always cause us to repent for what was done wrong and for what was not done. It is common that we call ourselves cowards and that we reproach ourselves for everything that we believe was wrong in the past. However, everything that has happened in our life, the good, the bad and the trivial, is part of our growth as a person and is, precisely, what we are, for better or for worse. Interestingly, part of these crises is also the feeling that all past time was better, paradoxical do not you think? Listening to P!nk's album, Hurts 2B Human, I find many elements of which I have mentioned. The singer is in her forties and maybe because of it and, because she knows very well what many of her followers; who share age with her surely, are thinking, living and feeling right now. If we add to that the difficulties of the new reality that we are living (suffering?) in the world, several songs on the album make sense for many who have heard it, but not so much for those who criticize their music. And it's not that people of other ages can not hear it and feel identified with the lyrics; on the contrary, and as I mentioned at the beginning, we all go through moments in our lives in which, in one way or another, we seriously question what we have been doing in our lives so far. But, to be honest, if you've never liked P!nk´s style in the last few years, you'd better stay away from its new release, it is exactly the same as in previous occasions. Now, if you are her number 1 fan, embrace this record and listen to it as many times as you want because you will love it, since it is the same musical medicine that P!nk has been giving you for a long time. In Hurts 2B Human we can listen to an artist who wants to return to the past, who breaks before reality and who, despite everything, wants to hold on to someone to keep walking, wants to dance, wants to be happy and at the same time, knows that everything could be a simulation.

Through The Same Musical Passages

P!nk wanted to contain herself and she did it, I do not know if that was good, but she stopped abusing as many trebles in each song as she did in past albums, the energy is not the same and she projects a certain fatigue. The usual brushstrokes are not missed: Pop enriched with rock chords, country guitars and percussions in the style of traditional Irish music. Nothing new on her. Maybe it is a must to fulfill some commercial commitment or some urgent demand from their fans. The duets are not what in other cases. They do not contribute, they do not excite and they only seem to be part of the fashion and not a genuine necessity for the themes, that is how the problems with the artists begin, they align themselves to the fashion current without understanding the nature of their own creations. To give an example, Khalid and his participation in the song "Hurts 2B Human", is simply boring and somnolent. It's not a record to throw away, but it's not something that you're excited to listen to every day. The quality of the production and the details that were taken care of to record this album, are worth it. I emphasize the care to the sound of acoustic guitars. I did not like the treatment they give to P!nk's voice, it seems dry. Those of us who love music want to be surprised all the time, something that keeps us believing in the artist and its work, but without becoming disappointing, this time the singer lost brightness. There is no reinvention, the lyrics are written for the segment of her fans that drag a deep resentment towards the things they did in the past and are unable to overcome and are waiting to hear from her some words of encouragement, the same ones she said in past songs, music is written on the basis of her previous albums and everything becomes the same.

The Video Says It All

The song "Walk Me Home" was chosen to make a video that attracted the attention of music lovers to the whole album. I must say that I could speak more positively of the video than of the songs, the creativity with which it was made speaks of a good amount of money to produce it. In addition, it also projects the musical stage, perhaps personal, that P!nk is going through. The video is dark almost all the time and the people who surround her at first ignore her, yes, that may be happening right now. The red dress that the singer wears represents for me how her creative beta is being bled, which at some point made her very successful. The smile seems fake and expresses discomfort, the steps of dances are now slow and more careful. It is precisely in the part where she dances with shadows where everything becomes clear to me, P!nk is alone in this artistic stage, perhaps persecuted by the shadow of a freer creative life with fewer commitments. Shadows of what she was. Or maybe it's selfishness, when an artist reaches the peak of its career she does not want to share her success with anyone, she does not want to give credit to anyone, for her or for him, the only thing that shines is her image and nothing and no one can overshadow her . And that's where the debacle begins. This is practically everything I can get out of this new musical work of P!nk, I hope it is only a blip in her career and come back with something that will renew her as an artist and reconquer all of us who love her, but, on above all, to the new generations that are those that give life to an artist with career years or end up burying her. To pretend that things are going well and to continue along the same path the only thing that provoke is the artist to be pigeonholed and not evolve, hopefully not the case of P!nk. If this album was caused by an existential or creative crisis at 40, I think there is a way to overcome it and improve things.