Humble and Kind

2017 GRAMMY® Nominees by Tim McGraw

2015, 1 track, 4 mins 19 sec

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If you have loved ones, make sure to hug them tight. We don’t know how long we are for this world, so make every second count. And while you’r at it, be nice to each other – be polite, says “Humble and Kind” by McGraw. “Don't take for granted the love this life gives you.” Too many of us lose sight of that, when we are too self-centered, or too pre-occupied to care about what goes on around us. McGraw has all types of insight about the way of the world in this track, and the content is nestled together within a very warm and melancholy melody. Some of McGraws lyrics read like tenants; “Hold the door say please say thank you, don't steal, don't cheat, and don't lie, I know you got mountains to climb but, always stay humble and kind.” The last line definitely refers to individualistic pursuits which erode relationships. Sometimes, the ambitious need to take stock in blessings around them, and remember the little details that show respect. The more you give, the more folks will want to help you reach that mountain. McGraw dishes out law like he is a pastor, but there is truth to what he says; “Don't expect a free ride from no one, don't hold a grudge or a chip and here's why, bitterness keeps you from flying.” All true.
What’s more, don’t just be considerate of others, but of the planet; “When it's hot, eat a root beer, a popsicle, shut off the AC and roll the windows down, let that summer sun shine, always stay humble and kind.” The video clip features real people, shot in portrait, with the main light moving on a path so that the light grows and fades on the faces, showing different aspects of their statuesque features, but also creating a sense that they are ephemeral. Seen and then not seen. The symbology is that life is special, but fleeting. This is a spiritual song, and thankfully in the clip, many different cultures and faiths are seen practicing their ways – where taken all together, shows the universality of our souls.

Written by @taylor

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Song Info

"Humble and Kind"


Lori McKenna


  • Jan 01, 2015


  • Digital download


  • Big Machine


  • Byron Gallimore
  • Tim McGraw


  • Country


"Humble and Kind" is a song written by Lori McKenna and first released by American singer Tim McGraw on January 20, 2016, as the second single from his 14th studio album, Damn Country Music. McKenna later recorded her rendition of the song for her eighth studio album, The Bird and the Rifle, released in July 2016. Among several other wins and nominations, the song won the award for Best Country Song at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards, "Video of the Year" at the 2016 CMT Music Awards, "Song of the Year" at 2016 CMA Awards and "Country Song of the Year" at 2016 American Music Awards. It has been certified platinum and reached the number one position on the country music charts in both Canada and the United States.
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