In early 2017, the biggest act in Dance music at the time partnered up with the world’s most prolific Pop & Soft Rock group, creating a universally appreciated track that’s at the forefront of what it means to make an uplifting tune in the modern era. Combining the peaceful, airy electronic vibes The Chainsmokers had become known for with the powerfully emotional lyrical stylings of Chris Martin from Coldplay, “Something Just Like This” became a tentpole of what songwriting trends would be turn out to be in the Pop landscape for the foreseeable future. Written from the perspective of someone content with their position in life, simply looking for a lover to share their lives with in a world of legends & extremes, Martin soothes audiences with his lyrics as he disregards the importance of becoming an important figurehead in ancient tales or being as powerful as a superhero – As today’s current social media-obsessed culture constantly pits people against each other, comparing their lives & feeling inadequate in the face of so much perceived splendor from their acquaintance’s fabricated online personas, Martin’s narrative is one that brings hope to those who just want to be happy above all else; It’s an uplifting track that takes advantage of both group’s talents to bring a sense of stability back to the music industry, one wherein listeners can feel at peace with the way their lives are going, rather than striving for some kind of storybook existence.
Naturally, the instrumental accompaniment underneath adds the perfect atmospheric substance to support these claims, presenting an epic, beautifully orchestrated scene of uplifting & euphoric energy through a seamless mixture of traditional instruments & electronic enhancement; The slow, echo-laden guitar melodies of Coldplay’s signature style are complimented with wispy synth pads, forming a larger-than-life soundscape that lurches forward with an encouraging sense of empowerment. Similarly boosting the dream-like nature of the song is its accompanying Lyric Video, showcasing the child from this Single’s Album Art traveling through the cosmos upon a constantly shapeshifting chalk board, evoking a spirit of youthful imagination which tells the viewer to shoot for the stars, free to enjoy the little things in life just as much as the big dreams they have inside – In truth, it’s a surprisingly effective production to observe, somehow making the emerging Dance Pop crossover SubGenre feel much more endearing that it had been up until this point, its competitors yet to produce the same level of hope & wonder ever since, even in The Chainsmokers’ own releases.

Written by @camjameson from Extraneous Routes

It’s rare to find an occasion where it’s appropriate to write a song for someone you’re dating; Oftentimes the words feel forced, the gesture isn’t received well by the subject of the song & the inevitability of your lyrics becoming immortalized after you likely break up is always a looming threat – In the case of Ryan Hurd’s song “Diamonds Or Twine,” everything miraculously fell in-line, as this simple Country Pop ballad is not only an ode to the woman he loves, but part of a marriage proposal to longtime girlfriend & fellow musician Maren Morris. Seeing as they’re both Artists who’ve known each other & dated for years within the music industry before ever getting famous, Hurd’s wedding gift to Morris feels like a natural progression of events, rather than something he created to impress her during courtship; As such, the entire production feels earnest & straightforward, the way a real love song always should be.
“Diamonds Or Twine” is incredibly low-key in its delivery, much like the couple’s wedding, illustrating just how comfortable they are in their relationship. Rather than supply audiences with grandiose declarations of undying love & showering them with material possessions, Hurd makes it a point to acknowledge that he’d feel the same way whether they were both ballin’ or could barely afford the shirts on their backs; This is a great point to make, as it makes the glitz & glamour of their celebrity lifestyles much more approachable & relatable to mainstream audiences, presenting an ideal they can yearn to achieve in their own relationships – It’s funny that after all these years of depressing barfly crooners & self-deprecating ballads of loss, the first Country relationship that might actually last is a real one, rather than a manufactured tale of struggle not likely experienced by the singer.

Written by @camjameson from Extraneous Routes

A child-like bedtime lullaby builds softly with a stabbing synth and electronic color, on a countdown to the blast-off The Chainsmokers expertly supply. This is one of the Chainsmokers best songs, and that is in large party to Coldplay's ability to write hits. Coldplay understands what will emotionally move the world, and The Chainsmokers understand the technical effects that will move a global electronica audience.

The lyrics are sung by Martin with characteristic, expert melancholia, and the words really read poetically, as the grandest ideas of the moon and its eclipse, or superman before he lifts, are legendary concepts that don't represent the type of person who the central character sees himself as. He is, rather, a humble man, with other characteristics that may not be readily visible. Yet, this self-diagnosis is what his new lover sees and wants, undeniably. The track explores the attractive imperfections that can bring lovers together.

The characters here don't need "some fairy-tale bliss" but rather "just something I can turn to, somebody I can miss." Chris Martin shouts aloud "I want something just like this", and the music picks up again with subtle future bass hits, allowing the track to remain firmly in the place of dreams, but also sounding as if it could fit in the biggest room at the most international of clubs. Pop like this fails when proper time is not allocated for moments of build-up and moments of elation. "Something Just Like This" is the best example of this style of EDM, and what's more, Coldplay's songs have always been malleable to the celebratory club format. Even in their raw rock form, listeners can hear the structure of Coldplay's portfolio lends itself well to the possibility of a jumping, glow stick waving, trance-like remix.

Written by @taylor

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"Something Just Like This"


Andrew Taggart, Kelsea Ballerini, Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion, Chris Martin


  • Apr 07, 2017


  • Digital download


  • Disruptor
  • Columbia


  • The Chainsmokers
  • Kelsea Ballerini


  • EDM
  • pop


"Something Just like This" is a song by British rock band Coldplay and American electronic music duo The Chainsmokers. and Kelsea Ballerini. It was released on February 22, 2017 as the second single from The Chainsmokers and Kelsea Ballerini' debut album, Memories...Do Not Open, and as the lead single from Coldplay's thirteenth extended play Kaleidoscope.
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