Just Hold On

Neon Future, Vol. 3 by Steve Aoki

2018, 1 track, 3 mins 18 sec

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Song Info

"Just Hold On"


Louis Tomlinson, Steve Aoki, Eric Rosse, Sasha Sloan, Nolan Lambroza


  • Nov 09, 2018


  • Digital download


  • Ultra


  • Aoki
  • Sir Nolan
  • Jay Pryor


  • EDM
  • dance-pop


"Just Hold On" is a song by American DJ Steve Aoki and English singer and songwriter Louis Tomlinson, released as the latter's debut single on December 10, 2016, by Ultra Music. It was written by Tomlinson, Aoki, Eric Rosse, Sasha Sloan and Sir Nolan and produced by Aoki, Sir Nolan and Jay Pryor. Aoki and Tomlinson performed the song for the first time on the series finale of The X Factor (UK).
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