Send Me On My Way

Rusted Root Live by Rusted Root

1992, 1 track, 4 mins 23 sec

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Super happy vibes are all over the sound design of “Send Me On My Way.” It is almost a spiritual, cult like feeling, though the music, and the video – yet it would be too cynical to just say that everyone is on drugs and there are nefarious undercurrents to the desert gathering. No, as frontman Gliblicki tells it, the track is based on pure happy spontaneity; “I remember just walking into our studio during the day. I remember it being sunny. We had these big windows in the studio and the sun was shining in, and as soon as I walked in I picked up the guitar and just started writing it. It was just a very very happy feeling. You could feel that there was a lot of happiness in the room. Whether that was an extension of me or something else in there that was just very happy, you felt it. Just like a super happy feeling.” All seven members added to the song writing process, and one really gets a sense of what the band was going for – some style that fits between the previous era of Talking Heads, and the later era Modest Mouse or Arcade Fire. Though there is Pop experimentation at hand, especially with nonsensical lyrics and lots of odd instrumentation, it is also, despite these efforts, a clear attempt at an African rhythm that does not really live up to more authentic attempts – thus sounding a bit embarrassing and out of touch, rather than doing the sound justice while pushing their own musical leanings forward. In short, it doesn’t really sound all that much better than your average jam session between hippy types in the desert, with one or two members bringing in some international flavor, and the rest of the members following along, butchering the style rather than understanding it. This is how it sounds at least, but that is not to say that it clearly sounds happy, has it’s interesting soaring moments, and, with all it’s eccentricity, became beloved for what it is - imperfect.

Written by @taylor

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Song Info

"Send Me On My Way"


Michael Glabicki, Liz Berlin, John Buynak, Jim Dispirito, Jim Donovan, Patrick Norman, Jennifer Wertz


  • Jan 01, 1992


  • Mercury


  • Dave Brown (Cruel Sun version)[3]Bill Bottrell (When I Woke version)


  • Folk rock, acoustic rock, roots rock


"Send Me on My Way" is a 1995 single by Rusted Root. It peaked at number 72 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song has been used often commercially, notably by Enterprise Rent-A-Car in long-running nation-wide commercials.
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