“Somebody’s Watching Me” sounds very particular of Motown at that time, and this is because it was quite a family affair, with the Gordys and Jacksons collaborating. Both Michael Jackson and Jermaine Jackson sing background on a song by Berry Gordy’s son, stage name Rockwell. It is iconic, if not a little silly, attempting to cash in on the spooky theatrics of MJ’s “Thriller”, yet not being as good. It’s kind of a red-headed step child, but a pretty fun jam nonetheless. Rockwell sings in the kookiest of styles; “I'm just an average man with an average life, I work from 9 to 5, hey hell, I pay the price, all I want is to be left alone, in my average home, but why do I always feel, like I'm in the Twilight Zone?” The best parts here are the most recognizable; chiefly, Michael Jackson belts out in the background, and together, all three singers here take on the same MJ vibe, almost making the song sound like an MJ song – which is cool. Paranoia is a theme that develops, and the video keeps up this atmosphere, showing ghostly apparitions, and a spooky point of view that we aren’t quite sure whether it is Rockwell’s perspective of that of an intruder’s. The Jackson’s back up this view on the chorus; “I always feel like somebody's watchin' me, and I have no privacy, I always feel like somebody's watchin' me, tell me is it just a dream?” What a weird song, and definitely a thematic detour from most R&B; “People call me on the phone I'm trying to avoid, or can the people on TV see me, or am I just paranoid, when I'm in the shower, I'm afraid to wash my hair, cause I might open my eyes and find someone standing there!” Definitely perfect for Halloween.

Written by @taylor

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Song Info

"Somebody's Watching Me (Single Version)"


Kennedy "Rockwell" Gordy, Kennedy "Rockwell" Gordy


  • Jan 01, 2010


  • 7" single
  • cassette single


  • Motown M 1702


  • Curtis Anthony Nolen
  • Rockwell


  • Synth-funk


"Somebody's Watching Me" is a song recorded by American singer Rockwell, released by the Motown label on January 14, 1984, as the lead single from his debut studio album of the same name. Rockwell's debut single release, the song features guest vocals by brothers Michael Jackson (in the chorus) and Jermaine Jackson (additional backing vocals).
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