ANTI (Deluxe) by Rihanna

2016, 1 track, 3 mins 6 sec

      Official 1
      Desperado (Live from Global Citizen Festival 2016)
      Live 1
      Static Image 1
      Desperado (Remixed by Fairlane)
      Remix 1
      Desperado (Remixed by 3LAU)
      Remix 2
      Desperado (Remixed by MK)
      Remix 3
      Desperado (Remixed by LZRD & Ship Wrek)
      Remix 4
      Desperado (Remixed by Andrelli)
      Remix 5
      Desperado (Remixed by Xan Griffin)
      Remix 6
      Desperado (Remixed by Andrew)
      Remix 7

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Song Info



Krystin "Rook Monroe" Watkins, Mick Schultz, Robyn Fenty, James Fauntleroy, Derrus Rachel


  • Jan 28, 2016


  • Digital download
  • streaming


  • Westbury Road
  • Roc Nation


  • Mick Schultz
  • Kuk Harrell


  • Westlake Beverly Recording Studios


"Desperado" is a song recorded by Barbadian singer Rihanna for her eighth studio album, Anti (2016). It was written and produced by Mick Schultz with additional writing by Krystin "Rook Monroe" Watkins, Rihanna, James Fauntleroy and Derrus Rachel. During the recording process of Anti, Rihanna rented a house in Malibu over several months and started extensively writing and composing music with her team consisting of various musicians. One of the songwriters in the house was Krystin "Rook Monroe" Watkins. He together with American producer Mick Schultz worked on the song. Their efforts resulted in mid-tempo song feature deep synths and vocal samples.
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