Super Freak

Anthology by Rick James

1981, 1 track, 3 mins 25 sec

      Super Freak
      Official 1
      Super Freak (Live from Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve 1979)
      Live 1
      Super Freak
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      Super Freak (Remixed by Kastra)
      Remix 1
      Super Freak (Covered by Guillermo Sorais)
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A clown to some, a pimp to others, and arguably one of the funkiest songwriters of our time, Rick James staring at the camera in the opening shot of “Super Freak” says it all – he is a freak, and he wants one too. The thing is, he knows that a super freak won’t exactly fit in every type of social setting; “She’s a very freaky girl, the kind you don’t take home to mother.” Except when he says mother, it’s really stretched out with whining soul into ‘muuthaaaahh.’ His vocal notes end with a comical yet cool style. His voice is the hedonistic life of the party, and his video women, while a little jacked up looking by today’s standards, are supposed to represent his type of free spirited women who are down to get weird. A visual analysis spots one or two of them who would become Mary Jane Girls soon after. This world of James is a funky fantastic one. How it can look so tacky and spandexy, yet jam so impressively – we may never truly figure out it’s strange brew of a formula. I mean honestly, home many frickin’ times have we hear this track, and it just keeps on giving us that same exciting energy as if it was the first listen. Probably has something to do with the bass line, which bumps and squirts along in an almost carnival like fashion, while James plays the spurt jester. The lyrics are edgy, referring to a woman who is down for whatever; “That girl is pretty wild now, the girl's a super freak, the kind of girl you read about, in the new wave magazines, that girl is pretty kinky, the girl's a super freak, I'd really like to taste her, every time we meet, she's all right, she's all right.” An amazing segue takes place, where after the line ‘she’s alright’, the music falls off to a whisper, with intermittent hits accenting James’ vocals of “the girl’s alright with me…hey…hey-hey-hey-heeey!” The track launches into the stratosphere after this dope creative break, and picks up where it originally left off, except the bass and other instruments seem to lose their tempo and then instantly find it. This slight warping of the rhythm is subtly perceptible, and shows the listener just how stretchy funk can be in the hands of geniuses like Rick James.

Written by @taylor

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