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[Verse 1]
Now for all the times you must go
Notice all the things you leave
So what's behind that state?
Am I there with you?
And as you turn and walk away
I can't help it, I can’t but feel those instincts
That wanna dance with me

Silhouette is painted on the wall
How many times can I say that I miss you
And everybody wants to know what's wrong
It's just a 700 mile situation

[Verse 2]
Why don’t me what you’re scared of?
You make me breathe so easy
And I’m a mess with reminders of you
I often wonder where you are sometimes
I close my eyes and picture it for a while
I rise awake to find myself without you


[Bridge: Res]
No one can tell me I don't know about the ins and outs of how it goes
Impulse traveler
Why can't you stay with me tonight?
What your soul tastes like, baby
And all the, say I should take it slow
Don't wanna, don't wanna find myself too deep in so
I keep stumbling
Holding back while my dreams propelling
Don't hold back
My constitution's crumbling


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