Family Affair

No More Drama (Version 1) by Mary J. Blige

2001, 1 track, 4 mins 25 sec

      Family Affair
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      Family Affair (Live from Nobel Peace Prize Concert 2013)
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      Family Affair (Live from Tribute to the Troops 2011)
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      Family Affair (Live from Studio 2009)
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      Family Affair
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      Family Affair (Remixed by DRKTMS)
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      Family Affair (Remixed by CANTE)
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      Family Affair (Remixed by K-MAUS)
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Made for the club, “Family Affair” utilizes the best of what made the 2000s unique – chiefly, the faux orchestra hits, a staple, luxurious, operatic sound of the time, thanks to Scott Storch and Dr. Dre productions, plus the Bad Boy New York Lifestyle sound that was also very prevalent. Where many of those past hits ended up sounding cheap and sometimes annoying, “Family Affair” excels because it places more care on it’s dance worthy design, never losing its funky bottom. The track is such a neck-breaker; viewers can even see in the video, as Blige and crew lounge in the VIP pillow lounge, their collective necks never stop working to the steady synth-string keyboard stabs. It is a perpetual, bubbling repetition that never let’s go, no matter where the song’s melody goes. Blige celebrates the good life; “It's only gonna be about a matter of times, before you get loose and start lose your mind, cop you a drink, go head and rock your ice.” Blige‘ s rapid delivery is very original here, riding the beat in the funkiest staccato possible, while her phrasing on the hook really brings face screwing attitude; “Let's get it crunk up on, have fun up on, up in this dancery, we got ya open, now ya floatin', so you gots to dance for me, don't need no hateration, holleration, in this dancery, let's get it percolatin', while you're waiting, so just dance for me.” Basic, bold and beautiful, there is a reason why this track has not lost it’s energy, even today – as it can easily be played in most Club sets with more contemporary music, and still draw crowds to the dance floor. For the haters, there is a simple answer for them in the song; “If you got beef, your problem, not mine, leave all that BS outside.” And for the curious, ‘hey’, a ‘dancery’ is exactly what it sounds like.

Written by @taylor

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Song Info

"Family Affair"


  • Jan 01, 2001


"Family Affair" is a song by American singer Mary J. Blige. It was written by Blige, her brother Bruce Miller, Camara Kambon, Michael Elizondo, and Dr. Dre for her fifth studio album No More Drama (2001), while production was overseen by the latter. "Family Affair" is a pumping song that incorporates elements of hip hop and R&B. The music for the track was originally created in a jam session between Dre and musicians Mel-Man, Camara Kambon, Mike Elizondo and Scott Storch. Later, Blige heard the song that her brother Bruce Miller, Asiah the Continent and Luchi Lodge created the lyrics and melody to and decided on recording her vocals.
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