The man couldn’t sing, but a certain swag and spirit of funk cloaks Miller’s voice with a certain protection from scrutiny – although his vocals, regardless, divided audiences at the time on “My Favorite Part.” The more important thing to note is that he ‘went for it’, no doubt about it, and that has to be commended. He can’t hit anything that well, but that didn’t stop him from finding out where he could hit, and just driving that slim slice of dynamism home, in a limited range, giving attention to accent and phrasing. So many rappers have done worse, hidden behind layers of auto-tune, and rarely ever gelling that much with the song they are singing on, whereas Miller is riding all the peaks, valleys, breaks, and rhythm of his song here, doing his absolute best to match the sexy, hop-along, funkiness of the track. This has always been commendable, and the rapper showed lots of bravery and commitment to a genre that he was pushing at a time when everyone else was going emo-rap and romantic trap (basically lots of guys singing like female artist Dej Loaf). Instead of falling into the same predictable Drake cadence used by everyone and their goddamn mothers, Miller went for something closer to Chance the Rapper, and as audiences revisit his work after his untimely death, this track is even more charming than when it was dropped. Life is funny, and fucked up, that way. Haters become lovers. Anyone who detested the Ariana Grande Mac Miller union are now saying very nice things. The chemistry between the two is present in the video, even if they are separated by a wall. Above all, with “My Favorite Part”, we can continue to be treated to an extremely well produced R&B dance groove, and a fearless Miller who brought all the quality he could muster. Cut the brotha a break, from here on out, and respect both his wide range of talent and intellect.

Written by @taylor

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Song Info

"My Favorite Part (feat. Ariana Grande)"


Malcolm McCormick, Tyrone Johnson, Ariana Grande


  • Sep 16, 2016


  • Digital download


  • REMember
  • Warner Bros.


  • Mac Miller
  • MusicManTy


  • R&B
  • neo soul


"My Favorite Part" is a song by American rapper Mac Miller, featuring guest vocals from American singer Ariana Grande. It was released as the third single from Miller's fourth studio album, The Divine Feminine (2016), on September 9, 2016. It is their second official collaboration after 2013's "The Way", however Miller was also featured on a remix of Grande's "Into You" also in 2016. A music video was released on December 12, 2016 on Miller's YouTube channel. It was the last song done by the duo before their breakup in May 2018.
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