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      Beautiful Crazy
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Combs paints a realistic portrait of the woman he loves, exploring attributes deeper than the surface, such as personality traits and motivations. “Beautiful Crazy” is quite beautiful, melodically reaching some very heart warming notes, and maintaining rustic guitar and fiddle work throughout. Combs loves his woman, through and through. “Her day starts with a coffee, ends with a wine, takes forever getting ready, she's never on time for anything.” There is something about her that brings every thing in balance. “She gets that come get me, look in her eyes, it kinda scares me, the way that she drives me wild, she drives me wild.” Combs actually enjoys all aspects of her, from the things that frustrate him, to the things that turn him on. “She makes plans for the weekend, can't wait to go out, till she changes her mind, says 'let's stay on the couch and watch TV', and she falls asleep.” Combs seems like the more practical one in the relationship, and she seems to be the one who brings in the needed unpredictability. He loves her combination of being beautifully crazy. “She's unpredictable, unforgettable, it's unusual, unbelievable, how I'm such a fool, yeah I'm such a fool for her.” The chorus is really uplifting even as the notes fall lower and lower, and the instruments harmonize with the vocals wonderfully.

Written by @taylor

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Song Info

"Beautiful Crazy"


Luke Combs, Wyatt Durrette, Robert Williford


  • Jun 01, 2018


  • Digital download


  • Columbia Nashville


  • Scott Moffatt


  • Country


"Beautiful Crazy" is a song by American country music singer Luke Combs. The song, which he wrote with Wyatt Durrette and Robert Williford, is a bonus track to his 2017 debut album This One's for You. The song had gained viral attention prior to its release as a single.
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