Peace Sign

Bootleg by Kenshi Yonezu

2017, 1 track, 4 mins 21 sec

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This Pop Punk track by Japanese Artist Kenshi Yonezu has equal parts hardness and tenderness. Yonezu is seen as a true Artist working his craft, as he paints an abstract work, while at the same time tunes his instruments and jams with his band. His Japanese lyrics, translated here, discuss the open ended topics of perseverance and the possibility of a reunion after certain goals have been completed. Whether this reunion is based on a romance or camaraderie is not exactly clear. Yonezu sings “In the evening, after I spent the whole day a crying mess, I wished for nothing but to be stronger, I was searching for the courage I would need to achieve that goal.” The character sounds depressed, anti authority, and determined to prove people wrong, yet there are suggestions that he has a long way to go as well in re-inventing himself. Still, perhaps some serious obstacles are in his path; “Even if a cruel fate has been carved in stone, poised to reveal itself before someday, as long as I have a moment, this moment, where I can breathe, I can hold on to the feeling that none of it really matters.” This style of music is so angsty, but the counter to this is that it seems to be about accomplishments as well, rather than just the Punk notion of running away and not conforming to society. The instrumentation moves beyond Pop Punk from time to time, with creative changes and talented technical moments. Still, there is a hurried, almost silly quality to the music that makes it sound like a cartoon, which is should be no surprise to fans of the Adult Swim anime “My Hero Academia”, as “Peace Sign” serves as the opening title soundtrack.

Written by @taylor

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