Not Like the Movies

Teenage Dream by Katy Perry

2010, 1 track, 4 mins 1 sec

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Song Info

"Not Like the Movies"


Katy Perry, Greg Wells


  • Aug 24, 2010


  • Digital download


  • Capitol


  • Greg Wells


  • Rocket Carousel Studio(Los Angeles, California)


"Not Like the Movies" is a song by American singer Katy Perry from her third studio album, Teenage Dream (2010). She co-wrote the song with its producer Greg Wells. Capitol Records released it on August 3, 2010, as the album's first promotional single. The song is a power ballad from the point of view of a teenage girl. Lyrically, the girl contemplates her first time and how "it wasn't right". She realizes through that experience that her "prince" is still "out there" waiting for her. It was written when Perry first started dating her then-husband, Russell Brand.
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