All of Me

Love In the Future by John Legend

2013, 1 track, 4 mins 36 sec

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The spirit expressed in the Pop standard "All of Me" ends up winning in the end, but to get to this place, the formula must be played out again and again, until the listener finally subconsciously concedes. Undeniably, Legend's voice brings some uniqueness to a very tired chord progression, supported by very obvious musical choices, from the promissory lyrics, to the predictable piano notes, to the unsurprising violins. As beloved as the song is by the masses, it is also bemoaned by this reviewer, who is a lover of artistically rendered ballads. Why is predictability always a prerequisite for Pop success? With just a few tweaks, the track could be beloved for both Pop sensibilities and creative songwriting. When Legend, the undeniably gifted songwriter, writes a song like this, it is undeniable that he is "dumbing down" for a mass audience, rather than introducing an audience to the true creativity he surely possesses.

"Love your curves and all you edges, all your perfect imperfections." Legend is in love with his wife unconditionally, and perhaps a casual listener's desire for acceptance is another reason for the track's general appeal. Whether "curves and edges" refers to the mental or the physical, the video is very physical, and begs the question: "where are Chrissy Teigen's imperfections", as presented? If the track is to be broken down honestly, then the video should show both Legend and Teigen in more reality-based lighting, bed-head and all, in order to better support the subject matter. Especially since this song is trying to convey a man's love for his partner that is deeper than appearances. Of course, such liberties would not be explored in the first place when the track itself won't explore more exiting soundscape opportunities. A similarly contextualized yet superior sounding song is "Love The One You're With" by Luther Vandross. And Stevie Wonder, to whom Legend is often compared with, would apply a worthier melody to this content. Though admittedly, Wonder's "I Just Called To Say I Loved You" proved to be both his biggest hit and most unbecoming arrangement. The world accepted that song, and so too, the world finds comfort in "All Of Me."

Written by @taylor

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"All of Me"


  • Aug 30, 2013


"All of Me is a song by American singer John Legend from his fourth studio album Love in the Future (2013). It is dedicated to Legend's wife Chrissy Teigen. All of Me first aired on American mainstream urban radio as the album's third single on August 12, 2013."
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