Talk to Ya - EP by HRVY

2017, 1 track, 3 mins 18 sec

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The cute guy can’t get any attention from the cute girl? She keeps curving him because she wants to play hard to get? Yes, it all looks a bit scripted, but dismissing the video’s fantasy presentation, the lyrics investigate the phenomenon of wanting someone who is “dangerous.” The reason why this tension is so manufactured is because HRVY is really boyfriend to the star video girl Loren Gray in real life. So rather than present a vision in which they just “couple” up, instead, they tried to spice things up with the cat and mouse game, and the addition of an outside threat in the form of the ‘alpha jock.’ HRVY and Gray are teen celebs on the rise, and in making the transition to serious production, HRVY’s is certainly one of the better videos, with “Personal” being a decent Pop track which showcases HRVY’s decent vocal skills. New Biebers are always springing up, so there is no reason why HRVY couldn’t grow from work like this.
This is just the type of music that will impress the school aged people, from as young as 10 perhaps, as the lyrical content is pretty clean, and mostly revolves around flirtatious games and mental manipulation. Younger viewers, don’t mess with people’s heads – the moral of the story. At the end, after seeing Gray kiss the star football player behind his back, HRVY feels the betrayal, and instead of walking away forever, he decides to dance out his frustration in the hallways with his homies, while Gray, taken aback by the display, responds with her own routine. It’s a dance off, because this is High School, and that’s how young lovers quarrel. Lot’s of posturing and street slang delivery are weaved into the lyrics and singing style, which is bound to turn off a few listeners who can’t swallow all the disparate ingredients at play.

Written by @taylor

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