This Is How We Roll (feat. Luke Bryan)

“We’ve got plenty of room, and a party in the back.” A little bit corny, sure, but the boys of Florida Georgia Line are rolling around in a big rig with a trailer converted into a saloon. “This Is How We Roll” is open about exactly what they do for fun – women, drinks, and motocross. In the text of the song, partying is the only point; “This is how we roll, we hanging 'round singing out everything on the radio, we light it up with our hands up, this is how we roll, this is how we do, we're burning down the night shooting bullets at the moon, baby, this is how we roll.” Admittedly, in the hopes of bringing Country into the realm of modern slang, the lyrics, when read, are hilariously bad; “I'm feeling a little dirty baby, listen, my accent’s got a little twang, little thing, little something, something, always makes the ladies scream my, my name louder, reverse cowgirl, little bump, bump in that trunk, all up in my new Maybach.” The words are only slightly less funny when sang, yet in general, this track is iconic for it’s particular Pop style – that of the Bro-Country movement. Highlights are “the mixtape’s got a little Hank, little Drake”, and also “yeah we're proud to be young, we stick to our guns, we love who we love and we love to get drunk.” There is an almost comical amount of twang emphasis on the phrasing, not unlike a South Park parody, yet this is all about expression – and these boys want to tell the world how Country they are, and in doing so, they connect with a very Country audience, yet, breaking down the song, the banjos seem added on, and the Pop formula is apparent, especially with the “woah ohs’ added on to the ends of the phrases “how we roll.” What a commercial Country song – but it worked wonders, and remains popular, therefore, it successfully accomplished it’s aims.

Written by @taylor

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Song Info

"This Is How We Roll (feat. Luke Bryan)"


Tyler Hubbard, Brian Kelley, Cole Swindell, Luke Bryan


  • Jan 01, 2013


  • Digital download


  • Republic Nashville


  • Joey Moi


  • Country pop


"This Is How We Roll" is a song recorded by American country music duo Florida Georgia Line with fellow country music singer Luke Bryan. It is the fifth and final single from Florida Georgia Line's debut studio album, Here's to the Good Times, although it is only included on the 2013 This Is How We Roll re-release. Cole Swindell assisted the artists in writing the song. A remix, featuring Jason Derulo and Bryan was released on June 6, 2014.
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