Get Right

Ghetto Fabolous by Fabolous

2009, 1 track, 4 mins 36 sec

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Song Info

"Get Right"


Rich Harrison, Usher Raymond, James Brown


  • Dec 07, 2009


  • CD single
  • digital download
  • 7"
  • 12"


  • Epic


  • Rich Harrison
  • Cory Rooney


  • Dance
  • R&B


"Get Right" is a song recorded by American singer Jennifer Lopez for her fourth studio album, Rebirth (2005). It was written by Rich Harrison, Usher Raymond and James Brown, and produced by Harrison and Cory Rooney. An upbeat dance and R&B song with jazz and funk influences, "Get Right" marks a departure in Lopez's musical style, and has been called one of her most "memorable" songs by The New York Times. It is built around a sample of "Soul Power 74" by Maceo and the Macks, and was noted for its heavy use of saxophone and horn instrumentation. The song contains lyrics about dancing, sex and drinking at a club. American rapper Fabolous is featured on a separate version of the song which is present as a bonus track on Rebirth. "Get Right" was announced as the album's lead single in November 2004.
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