÷ by Ed Sheeran

2017, 1 track, 4 mins 20 sec

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      Perfect (Live from X Factor 2017)
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Q. What kind of environment would be most appropriate to play this song?
A. It isn’t any surprise that Sheeran’s written a song ripe for the picking when it comes to teenagers in love. From the first note it is clear we’ll be hearing countless renditions of “Perfect” sung on every instrument from piano to ukulele, year after year, until the planet ceases to exist. With this in mind, the intimacy of this track is integral to the success of its message; This is not a song to be shared with a crowded room of strangers, rather a pronouncement of star-crossed lovers in warm embrace. Like so many before it, “Perfect” joins the rulebook for how to proclaim your feelings to your high school crush in the most romantic (or more often than not, embarrassing) way possible. If you find yourself alone in a room with someone as the sweet sound of strumming come son, you can bet you’re about to receive a marriage proposal.
Q. Is the melody delivered expressively? What makes it stand out as special?
A. Astoundingly, this track doesn’t apply nearly any of Sheeran’s characteristic Reggae Fusion aesthetics, instead serenading us with a simple acoustic anecdote. His story recounts the lifelong flame the two main characters have held for each other all these years, similar in scope to his driving melody within “Castle On The Hill,” but delivered with a significantly subdued intensity; He’s speaking directly to his subject, rather than exclaiming his will to the world. This is part of the reason “Perfect” has been received so well, as it’s a conversation readily available for savvy listeners to replicate for their own uses, should the moment arise. He injects just enough raw emotion in to the chorus to be deemed expressive, normally relegating a song to being unbalanced and boring, but Sheeran pulls it off in an appropriately enacted fashion that pulls at your heart strings, even when you refuse to let it.
Q. What aspects of this track represent the Artist best?
A. Half the civilized world is familiar with Sheeran & his tendency for developing sappy material revolving around love, so saying he has charm is an understatement – No, Sheeran’s accomplished more than that with “Perfect” this time around. This is possibly the most sensitive we’ve seen him get thus far, and through this fragility we’re reminded why we enjoy his songs in the first place: He’s willing to fall flat on his face to say what’s on his mind. That signature headstrong attitude is apparent, even in a song that contains its energy so tightly, the mark of any song or property touched by Sheeran’s talent.
Q. Why should we be interested in this song? Is it even worth the hype?
A. Honestly this track is nothing special, which is what makes it so impressive; The content of the song itself is nothing to write home about as an average listener, since most people wouldn’t listen to such an intimate song when attempting to let loose through the power of song. The hype surrounding this song is directed squarely at hopeless romantics, aged 14-22 who’re new to the game of love & the many bumpy roads that accompany it. Does that invalidate its success? Not in the least, as the magic behind “Perfect” is how it can encourage these otherwise reclusive individuals to get up and make a statement, and whether we find that cheesy or not is beside the question; The end result – shameless self-expression – is all that matters.

Written by @camjameson from Extraneous Routes

Ed Sheeran really doesn’t need any help maintaining his place atop the Pop music pedestal, but that didn’t stop the equally famous a cappella group Pentatonix from covering him anyway, giving “Perfect” yet another boon to its ongoing popularity, ensuring audiences will be forced to listen to it on the radio for at least another year, minimum; It’s not necessarily that this song is boring – it is – or covered incessantly by every YouTuber & their mothers – also a fact – but rather a peculiar choice for the vocal group to release, “Perfect” debuting nearly a year prior & already making its way back off the Top 100 charts. Whether or not they thought a fresh take was required – it wasn’t – is beside the point though, as Pentatonix prove once again that they’re masters of the vocal arts, weaving heavenly melodies betwixt themselves in a manner that provides more emotional depth to the ginger man’s tune; Fortunately for listeners, they remain subdued, mindful not to stray too far from the original melody in search of melodic accolades, as the group are wont to do.
No strangers to warping their voices to fit thematically within a song’s source material, this rendition stands out not for its intriguing vocal applications, but for the rare inclusion of an actual instrument alongside the singers, in this case a cello. Possibly hoping to add a bit more expression to their arrangement, likewise saving someone from having to sing long & taxing notes, the cello gives “Perfect” a relaxed aura, Pentatonix casually singing along to its sweeping strokes instead of stressing themselves out with another intricately devised vocal pattern; To their credit, this works incredibly well, a sweet composition which rests delicately upon listeners eardrums, unlike the out-of-place hollering of Sheeran’s voice & the banging of drums in the original. Though it may be heretical to say this of everyone’s favorite Englishman, it’s quite possible this rendition of his loving ballad is even more impressive than his own, no easy feat for Pentatonix to achieve.

Written by @camjameson from Extraneous Routes

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"Perfect" is a song by English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran from his third studio album, ÷ (2017). After the album's release it charted at number four on the UK Singles Chart. On 21 August 2017, Billboard announced that "Perfect" would be the fourth single from the album. The song was serviced to pop radio on 26 September 2017, as the third single from the album in the United States (fourth overall). The song eventually reached number one on the UK Singles Chart and the US Billboard Hot 100 in December 2017. "Perfect" became the UK Christmas number-one song for 2017, and also peaked at number one in sixteen other countries, including Australia, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand.
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