New Rules

Dua Lipa by Dua Lipa

2017, 1 track, 3 mins 29 sec

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Q. How easily does this track make you want to dance?
A. When first hearing this song, it could be said that it is standard fare, but like an unstoppable earworm, there seems to be something extremely catchy at play. Either that, or the buzz and trend-worthiness may be enough to guarantee “New Rules” a spot on the charts. This is a dance pop song with hints of reggae fusion and house, making it light and bouncy, yet there is a distinctive jerky stop and go attitude that relegates this track to the pantheon of girl power rather than universal dance-ability. Better to vogue than to strut.
Q. Which emotion, if any, resonates most with this song & why?
A. Feelings of protecting one’s pride abound on this track. The lyrics are somewhat schizophrenic in their attempt to apply rules to the handling of a broken heart. A boy is to blame; having emotionally hurt the character that Lipa represents, one too many times. It could be said that this is a manual for the re-invigoration of self-worth, yet at times; it seems like a hopeless attempt at self-discipline as well. Dua Lipa sings, “now I’m standing back from it, I finally see the pattern”. Above all, this is self-help extended to friends in need, who suffer from a pattern of unhappiness due to a whirlwind relationship. Because therein lies the proposed rules; “don’t pick up the phone, cus you know he’s only calling cus he’s drunk and alone” and “if you’re under him, you ain’t getting over him”. So it is clear in this context, this is one hard lover to resist, despite his past transgressions.
Q. Is the Artist’s fashion note-worthy, or does it fall flat?
A. Lipa is one of the most beautiful pop stars in the industry currently. From her features to her style, everything about her “reads” icon. In “New Rules” a slumber party at a Miami hotel is the motif, showcasing a diverse group of attractive friends in comfort clothing, leisure robes, and modest bathing attire. There are no boys in sight throughout the video, therefore, a more authentic vision of sisterhood is on display here, where the sex appeal is feminine, sensual, but casual. The clothes are pastel and unmemorable, yet on a beauty such as Lipa, they somehow fit.

Written by @taylor

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Song Info

"New Rules"


Caroline Ailin, Emily Warren, Ian Kirkpatrick


  • Jun 02, 2017


  • CD
  • digital download


  • Warner Bros.


  • Ian Kirkpatrick


  • Atlantic (Los Angeles)
  • NRG (North Hollywood, California)
  • TaP / Strongroom 7 (London)
  • Zenseven (Woodland Hills, California)


  • electropop


"New Rules" is a song by English singer Dua Lipa from her eponymous debut studio album (2017). The track was written and produced by Ian Kirkpatrick, with additional writing from Caroline Ailin and Emily Warren. It was released to contemporary hit radio in the United Kingdom on 15 July 2017 as the album's sixth single. It impacted the same format in the United States on 22 August.
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