Dua Lipa by Dua Lipa

2017, 1 track, 3 mins 38 sec

      Official 1
      IDGAF (Live from NZ Live Acoustic Session 2018)
      Live 1
      IDGAF (Live from LOS40 Music Awards 2018)
      Live 2
      IDGAF (Live from The Voice 2018)
      Live 3
      IDGAF (Live from Tomorrowland 2018)
      Live 4
      IDGAF (Live from The Ellen Show 2018)
      Live 5
      IDGAF (Live from the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge 2018)
      Live 6
      IDGAF (Live from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert 2018)
      Live 7
      IDGAF (Live from LA 2018)
      Live 8
      IDGAF (Live from Open'er Festival 2017)
      Live 9

Dua Lipa’s talent level is extremely consistent, and by now, she deserves a spot alongside other superstars such as Taylor Swift and Sia. The ingredients are all here and are undeniable; from her vocal range, to her stand out looks, to her mesmerizing attitude on the dance floor. “IDGAF” is a big Pop song that expresses frustration with cheaters and the determination to not stand for such treatment anymore. To tell this familiar tale, some unfamiliar techniques are used, such as hot and cold cinematic production values, and thematic duality, which looks very slick but could also be suggesting something beyond mere digital effects, presenting the whole question of what should be done about the bad relationship as an internal debate one might have with their reflection in the mirror. At certain times, the twin dancer seems to represent the boy begging on his knees for Dua to take him back, and at other times, the twin is in complete support of the concept of not giving a fuck. The video is ambiguous, wildly interpretive, and as artistic as it is entertaining.

The melody, while beginning in a typical guitar picking manor and marching spirit, explodes into a shout worthy, loud and echoey groove, which is unexpected and continually thrilling. This sonic place that Dua finds is original and memorable by Pop standards, and moves beyond the generic and further into Sia’s best anthems. There is a tinge of Lil Peep in some of the chorus’s delivery, either unconsciously or in keeping with the times, and the abstract battle dancing with flowing business suits are just as fresh; odd yet correct choices to make for this boldly different track. This is the way to stay ahead.

Written by @taylor

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Dua Lipa, MNEK, Larzz Principato, Skyler Stonestreet, Whiskey Water


  • Jun 02, 2017


  • Warner Bros.


  • Stephen "Koz" Kozmeniuk
  • Larzz Principato (co.)
  • Lorna Blackwood (vocal)


  • Paramount, Los Angeles
  • Sarm Music Village, London


"IDGAF" (an abbreviation for "I don't give a fuck") is a song by English singer Dua Lipa from her eponymous debut studio album (2017). It was released to contemporary hit radio in the United Kingdom on 12 January 2018 as the album's seventh single. The song reached number one on the Irish Singles Chart and number three on the UK Singles Chart, as well as number 49 on the Billboard Hot 100. Its official music video received a nomination for Best Choreography at the MTV Video Music Awards 2018.
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