The Sound of Silence

Immortalized by Disturbed

2015, 1 track, 4 mins 6 sec

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The name Disturbed holds varying levels of significance depending on who you speak to - Some hold them up as an integral pillar of modern Hard Rock greatness, one of the few bands consistently churning out material for Alternative-minded audiences, whereas most may immediately turn to memories of 2000's resounding success "Down With The Sickness," a song often mocked for its association with zipper-panted Hot Topic goths; The latter group may be astonished, then, to find that one of 2015's most emotionally riveting songs, still in rotation on mainstream radio channels to this day, came from the same band. Disturbed's haunting cover of Simon & Garfunkel's classic Folk hit "The Sound Of Silence" is yet another time Hard Rock bands have shown the proper way to remaster an older song, improving upon the original in nearly every way by bringing a sense of reverence to every word spoken; Epic in scale, powerfully orchestrated & sung with the might of a thousand tiny warriors, vocalist David Draiman takes listeners on a journey they'll not soon forget, employing every ounce of the band's well-word skills in conjunction with one of music's most compelling song structures.
This updated rendition really creates a completely unique vibe from the source material, utilizing swelling string sections & the soft-but-authoritative boom of timpani drums to great effect, coaxing the listener into diverting their fleeting attention towards the hefty & compelling sounds presented them; Even Draiman's voice transcends expectations, typically overly theatrical in nature but fittingly operatic in this scenario. Every line feels like his last, resembling the morose & gloomy tone of the Dwarven "Misty Mountains" tune sung in The Hobbit, as if being sent to defend a rebellion, in reality careening towards an early grave. Despite what you may say about the band's usual faire or the Genre as a whole, this song is influential beyond words - Hell, Paul Simon himself even gave his blessing to Disturbed's cover, so they must be doing something right.

Written by @camjameson from Extraneous Routes

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