Stone Cold

Confident (Deluxe Edition) by Demi Lovato

2015, 1 track, 3 mins 11 sec

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In her never-ending quest to be the most dramatic starlet in all of Pop music, Demi Lovato pulls out all the stops for “Stone Cold,” both in her impressive vocal performance & the accompanying music video production – For Artists who’ve been in the Pop scene for as long as Lovato has, it’s not uncommon to revisit themes or ideas that made you famous in the first place, attempting to improve upon them in an effort to showcase how far your skills as a musician have progressed since you first started to become a household name; In the case of “Stone Cold,” she’s basically created an exact replica of her most prolific track “Skyscraper,” albeit with much more power & depth to the emotional substance which forms its foundations. This time around, she flips the narrative of feeling like a piece of paper thrown away in the wind by a neglectful partner, trying her hardest to instead wish her ex well in their following relationship through the eyes of someone who is undeniably devastated by the void left in her heart; You still get the ferociously morose depression & blood-curdling screams of heartbreak that her prior hit flourished on, but it feels much more understanding & mature than its predecessor instead of simply whiny & clingy, harnessing outstanding vocal clarity & powerful melodic dynamism to paint a picture of true heartbreak that is relatable to more than just 12 to 18-year old teens who just experienced their first breakup.
Lovato’s performance is decidedly less Pop-ish here as well, adopting a soulful timbre with expressive vocal runs & melodic subtlety which simply didn’t exist within “Skyscraper,” complimented by a slow, methodical piano progression that adds an extra layer of emotional range to her performance as it calmly trudges onward, as if emphasizing the zombie-like struggle to continue moving one often experiences in traumatic situations. The music video production does a wonderful job of showcasing this overwhelming misery, presenting Lovato trekking through the solitary setting of a cold winter environment – hah, clever… – in an attempt to distance herself from the pains of the world she left behind, cut up by shots of her sitting in a bathtub with all of her clothes on, wallowing in despair as she cries her damned heart out; These shots are so much more dynamic than the simple desert landscape of the other ballad & take full advantage of her acting chops, presenting a woman who is truly at her wits end, overcome with emotions & unsure of just how she could possibly go on living after being so wholly decimated by a love who has left her behind – While the entire production has clearly brought emotional sensitivity to new levels, creating one of the most overdramatic narratives ever put to tape & film, it excels as a shining example of what Lovato is capable of; Despite the admitted ease at which it can annoy you, the truth is this might be one of her most raw & inspiring performances yet, raising the bar to a level many may not be able to reach for years to come.

Written by @camjameson from Extraneous Routes

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Song Info

"Stone Cold"


Demi Lovato, Laleh Pourkarim, Gustaf Thörn


  • Jan 01, 2015


  • Digital download


  • Hollywood
  • Island
  • Republic
  • Safehouse


  • Laleh Pourkarim


  • MXM Studios (Los Angeles)


  • Soul[2]


"Stone Cold" is a song by American singer Demi Lovato for her fifth studio album, Confident (2015). The song was co-written by Lovato with Laleh Pourkarim, who also served as the song's producer, and Gustaf Thörn. It was released to digital retailers on October 9, 2015 through Hollywood Records and Island Records as the first and only promotional single off the album, one week prior to the album's release. The song was initially premiered on radio via 97.1 FM on February 6, 2016. It was sent to contemporary hit radio on March 21, 2016 as the third and final single from the album. On April 4, the song was sent to hot adult contemporary radio.
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