Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar (Deluxe Edition) by D'Angelo

1995, 1 track, 4 mins 3 sec

      Brown Sugar
      Official 1
      Brown Sugar (Live from North Sea Jazz Festival 2015)
      Live 1
      Brown Sugar (Live from Letterman )
      Live 2
      Brown Sugar (Live from Jools Holland 1995)
      Live 3
      Brown Sugar
      Static Image 1
      Brown Sugar (Remixed by DJ Duck Kizomba & Zouk)
      Remix 1
      Brown Sugar (Remixed by Roman Kouder)
      Remix 2
      Brown Sugar (Remixed by Pandamonium)
      Remix 3
      Brown Sugar (Remixed by IAMNOBODI)
      Remix 4
      Brown Sugar (Remixed by Incognito Molasses)
      Remix 5

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Song Info

"Brown Sugar"


D'Angelo, Ali Shaheed Muhammad


  • Jul 03, 1995


  • CD single, cassette


  • Cooltempo


  • D'Angelo, Ali Shaheed Muhammad


  • R&B, Soul


"Brown Sugar" is a song by American recording artist D'Angelo, taken from his debut album, of the same name. The song was released as the album's lead single in 1995, through the Cooltempo label. The song was written and produced by D'Angelo and frequent collaborator Ali Shaheed Muhammad.
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