Tennessee Whiskey

Traveller by Chris Stapleton

2015, 1 track, 4 mins 53 sec

      Tennessee Whiskey (Live from Farm Aid 2018)
      Live 1
      Tennessee Whiskey (Live from Austin City Limits Performance 2018)
      Live 2
      Tennessee Whiskey (Live from 43rd Austin City Limits 2018)
      Live 3
      Tennessee Whiskey
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      Tennessee Whiskey (Covered by Eric Anthony)
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      Tennessee Whiskey (Covered by Ely Jaffe)
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      Tennessee Whiskey (Covered by Mélissa Ouimet)
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      Tennessee Whiskey (Covered by Pork Tornadoes)
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      Tennessee Whiskey (Covered by Julia Rizik)
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      Tennessee Whiskey (Covered by Clark Beckham feat. Madison Ryann)
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In Stapleton we trust – This is the motto all lovers of music can openly claim, as he’s yet to deliver a performance of lackluster quality, even when the song in question isn’t one of his own. “Tennessee Whiskey” has been claimed by two previous musicians in the early 80’s, each adding their own special charm to the arrangement; For Stapleton’s attempt, he elevated the status of this song with a smooth, soulful rendition packed to the gills with Bluesy passion & a heaping helping of butter, obviously supplied by the warm vocal tone of his raw Country timbre. With a little help from his band sitting firmly in the pocket, “Tennessee Whiskey” has properly arrived in the modern age, simultaneously becoming Stapleton’s property as listeners are unable to hear it sung any other way, iterated to perfection. He brings a calming sense of clarity to the tune, partnered with an earnest deliver which proudly declares “woman, you’re the only one for me.” Stapleton’s command over head & heart make this an instant classic – well, double classic now – likely to be sung at every southern wedding from here until eternity.
Describing the intoxicating powers of love, this arrangement excels at transporting the listener to a serene state of bliss, the low hum of bass guitar creating a barrier between you & the outside world, muffling outside stimuli whilst subjecting the audience to an intimately near-sounding recording of Stapleton’s voice – crackle & all – as he pours his heart out on the line; It’s sweet, endearing, comforting & most of all relatable, a story any half-witted hopeless romantic would be eager to share with a loved one. One could easily find themselves putting this track on repeat, its replay-value & slow-danceability reigning supreme in an era of half-hearted love songs, instantly feeling the weight of maturity attached to each breath muttered.
“Tennessee Whiskey” is, for most, the perfect jumping-on point to the world of Stapleton, essentially encapsulating all his skills – save for his typically original songwriting – in one easy to process tune. Present are his grizzled sensibilities, graveled voice & worldly guitar tone that put audiences at ease, a trait so common in Stapleton’s songs he might as well be marketed as a giant talking Teddy Bear. Listeners shouldn’t just remain here, though, as his library of hits is vast & ever-growing, a wonderful sign of things to come for new fans who may be eager to discover similarly intriguing tracks – If anything, we’re in for a long ride, one that shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

Written by @camjameson from Extraneous Routes

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