Havana (feat. Young Thug)

Camila by Camila Cabello

2018, 1 track, 2 mins 58 sec

In “Havana”, Cabello performs in several fanstastic ways, beginning with her perfectly melodramatic acting in the telenovela styled video intro, followed by her effortless Pop-Latin crossover musical interpretation, and finally her awkward charisma, convincing audiences that she is an ugly duckling with a hidden sexiness waiting to be freed by the right boy. A testament to her newly gained popularity as a pop star, post Fifth Harmony, Cabello has crafted an addictive and entertaining piece.

While Cabello doesn’t ever completely disguise her undeniable beauty, the motif on display here is the inner beauty that exists within us all, if we could only recognize it. Her character watches a romantic movie and is suddenly transported to a sexy salsa dance scene, living out her fantasy of being the hottest thing on the dance floor. True, the red dress and sultry moves will put most viewers in a trance, and these moments are heightened by the crooning cool of the Young Thug feature, who, over the years, has proven to the world that his rap delivery is a unique one which is hard to emulate, because it consists of equal parts creative auto-tune and accenting. WIlliams can follow along with a Latin-themed beat and interject his wild cadence and singing chops at all the right moments, turning his verses into less of a projection of the street and more of an accompanying instrument for the style at hand.

Latino music remains hot at the moment, and perhaps the greatest aspect of Havana is that it has clear cross over qualities, while at the same time, it remains firmly in the pocket of it’s original culture, with heavy Salsa pianos never having to compete too much with the obviously modern Hip Hop beat.

Written by @taylor

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Song Info

"Havana (feat. Young Thug)"


Camila Cabello, Jeffery Williams, Frank Dukes, Brittany Hazzard, Ali Tamposi, Brian Lee, Andrew Watt, Pharrell Williams, Louis Bell, Kaan Gunesberk


  • Jan 12, 2018


  • Digital download
  • streaming
  • CD single


  • Epic
  • Syco


  • Frank Dukes
  • Matt Beckley (voc.)


  • NightBird Recording Studios(West Hollywood, California)


  • Pop


"Havana" is a song recorded by Cuban-American singer Camila Cabello featuring guest vocals from American rapper Young Thug. It was released on August 3, 2017, along with "OMG", from her solo debut album Camila (2018). In August 2017, Cabello confirmed the song as the album's second single. It was serviced to radio on September 8, 2017. Due to its rising success, "Havana" later became the official lead single of Camila, replacing "Crying in the Club". In November 2017, a remix version of the song with Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee was uploaded to Cabello's YouTube page. The first verse of the remix is sung in Spanish while Daddy Yankee replaces Young Thug's verse.
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