MÍA (feat. Drake)

MIA (feat. Drake) - Single by Bad Bunny

2018, 1 track, 3 mins 30 sec

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No harm intended, but if you want to hear some serious comedy, just give a listen to Bad Bunny & Drake’s collaborative work “MIA,” the latest summertime jam to be released from the bilingual artists & a track that’s either absolutely brilliant or a clever joke on the mainstream listening public – For clarification, the song itself is a fairly smooth jam reminiscent of pretty much everything Bad Bunny has ever come out with, but Drake’s performance is split-your-side goofy, giving one of his few entirely-Spanish language performances; Every line he sings sounds painfully mispronounced, with his dialect all over the place & his enunciation sounding like freshman-year Intro To Spanish at best, completely lacking the sensuality of typical Latin Dance music & even feeling devoid of the streetwise charm he always tries to inject into his other works, making yet another attempt at stylistic gentrification feel weak & underdeveloped, especially considering how K Pop artists are getting better & better at emulating – even surpassing, sometimes – American swagger with each new English language track they release. The whole ordeal is incredibly distracting, leading to much of the song’s finer moments slipping completely under the radar thanks to how captivatingly peculiar Drake’s performance is – But hey, Drake’s gotta have some flaws to balance out all that success, right?
Now, as far as the rest of the song is concerned, “MIA” is – as mentioned earlier – a pretty run-of-the-mill track for Bad Bunny, presenting an incredibly relaxing island-vibe Latin Dance track, its bouncy marimba melodies soothing the listener into a euphoric state as they dance to its intoxicating rhythms, a hint of Reggaetón getting injected here & there for that added element of attitude once in a while, making for a generic yet highly entertaining dance tune to throw on your party mix. Bad Bunny himself delivers a delightfully tender performance, his slightly nasal sounding vocal timbre creating a cool debonair persona which mimics the casual vibe of the instrumentation, he & Drake singing a narrative about sexual possession, speaking to a girl who is desired by nearly everyone & reminding her – as well as the onlookers – that she is theirs & theirs alone, attempting to show off their masculine power & asserting themselves as the dominant force in the room. Lines like “you know you’re mine, you’ve said it yourself when we were doing it” are painfully straightforward & a bit creepy but serve to show how machismo these two are in this particular situation, others like “I’m a fanatic of the way you walk” & “I want to take photos of us and make them go viral” showcasing how deep their lust goes, bearing on inappropriately obsessive at times, a character flaw that somehow comes off as sexy & dangerous to the audience, helping to at least give a little bit of personality back to the song after Drake goofed it all up – Thankfully, the included music video aids in the distraction, displaying a lively house party in Miami at night, adorned with women-aplenty, libations & even extended family members, capturing the aesthetic of a typical Latin get-together with everyone generally having a good time, regardless of their intentions for the night or their age ranges, showing how multi-generational the fun is in a Latin household whilst also subtly conveying how Bunny & Drake’s love for this girl has existed from the time of their childhood until now, showing her courters that he’s way more integrated into her family than they ever will be. This last saving grace makes “MIA” all the more fun to experience, somewhat making up for an otherwise awkward lesson in how not to speak Spanish.

Written by @camjameson from Extraneous Routes

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Song Info

"MÍA (feat. Drake)"


Benito Martinez, Aubrey Graham, Edgar Semper Vargas, Elvin Peña, Francis Diaz, Henry Pulman, Luian Malave Nieves, Joseph Negron Velez, Noah Assad, Xavier Semper Vargas


  • Oct 11, 2018


  • Digital download
  • streaming


  • Rimas
  • OVO
  • Warner Bros.


  • DJ Luian
  • Mambo Kingz


  • Reggaeton
  • Dancehall


"Mia" (stylized in upper case; English: "Mine") is a song by Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny featuring vocals from Canadian rapper Drake. The song was released through Rimas Entertainment, OVO Sound and Warner Bros. Records on October 11, 2018 as the second single from his debut studio album, X 100pre (2018). It was written by Benito Martinez, Aubrey Graham, Edgar Semper Vargas, Elvin Peña, Francis Diaz, Henry Pulman, Luian Malave Nieves, Joseph Negron Velez, Noah Assad and Xavier Semper Vargas, and produced by DJ Luian and Mambo Kingz.
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