Rise Up

Cheers to the Fall by Andra Day

2015, 1 track, 4 mins 15 sec

      Rise Up
      Official 1
      Rise Up (Live from KXT Live Sessions 2016)
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      Rise Up (Live from iHeartRadio 2016)
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      Rise Up (Live from Inas Nacht 2016)
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      Rise Up (Live from 89.3 The Current 2016)
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      Rise Up (Live from SiriusXM 2016)
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      Rise Up (Live from Saturday Sessions 2016)
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      Rise Up (Live from Austin City Limits 2016)
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      Rise Up (Live from AUDIENCE Network 2016)
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      Rise Up (Live from The Wendy Williams Show 2015)
      Live 9

Motivational music in the Pop slash R&B vein is rarely this artistically realized, yet great emotional depth from Day, and a very cinematically profound video, come together to tell a hard yet plausible scenario; that of a caretaker and the person she cares for. The fact that they are in a relationship presents a snapshot of humanity that explores both empathy and sacrifice.

Day refers to her man, whom she hopes to inspire; "But I see it in you so we gonna walk it out, move mountains, we gonna walk it out," including the fact that she might need to be strong in order for them to be strong, with, "And I'll rise up, I'll rise like the day, I'll rise up, I'll rise unafraid." While the lyrics are not particularly special by themselves, absorbed with the imagery of the video, they take on the intended gravitas. We see a dutiful lover who gallantly takes care of her husband, whom is paralyzed from war wounds. Life must be very hard for both of them, and therefore, they both need to have very strong will power in order to support each other emotionally through such a tragedy. Fairytale love is not enough. Empathy is needed. Empathy and strength.

Sharp eyes will see a very realistic moment when, before the heroine of the story helps her husband out of their van, she locks eyes with an adjacent admirer, as they innocently make a flirtatious impression on each other. This is a sophisticated scene because it shows the determination a strong and healthy woman must have to stay true to her man-in-need, while forgoing a physical relationship at the peak of her sexual prime. That these feelings could be transmitted through a few subtle, all-knowing smiles is testament to the progressive tastes of the artists involved, and the tender interpretation of this heart-felt ballad.

Written by @taylor

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