How do I earn points by Contributing?


VIBBIDI is powered by the interactions & contributions of all of our Users, helping us make sure every Artist is represented in-full whether they’re a mega star or an undiscovered bar band in your local area.

With your help, we can provide all the music content you could ever desire, but even better than simply fleshing out these pages we want to reward you for your efforts by featuring you as a Contributor for all your hard work, even giving the opportunity for one special User to be the highly-regarded Perfectionist on every page!

How do I earn points as a Contributor and Perfectionist?

VIBBIDI wants to put the power of music in your hands, but perfecting these Artist Pages is hard work, so why not get rewarded for your efforts!

Every time you add missing content to a VIBBIDI page you will be gifted 10 points. These points will gain you a spot as a Contributor on any VIBBIDI page so you can display your love for the industry, whether it’s an Artist, Single or Album page. Being a Contributor means you’re actively making the listening experience better for all of our Users, building a strong community of music lovers rivaling any other platform!

You can gain points for embedding:


Official Music Videos from the Artist’s catalogue, including Official Static Video tracks

* 10 points per video

Live Performance Videos, whether Official or fan-made

* 10 points given for every good performance found

Featuring/Remix Videos, from Duet Features of a given song to completely original Remixes of the material by other Artists or Producers.

* 10 points per unique performance

Cover Videos, ranging from regular content creators to unknown fans

* 10 points each

In the future we will expand these points to additional factors like Wiki Information, News, Narratives & so much more!

Why Stop At Contributor When You Can Be A Perfectionist?

Cut from the same cloth, the Perfectionist for every page is the person who racks up the most points available! Not only do you get to be displayed as a Contributor for your favourite music, everyone will know you put in the extra work to show your passion, displaying your fandom with pride!

To be a Perfectionist, you just need to contribute the most content to a page, whether it’s an Artist, Single or Album page. If someone else holds the title of Perfectionist, simply find enough additional content to gain more points than them, in-turn making yourself the new Perfectionist for all to see, getting bragging rights with a beautiful badge to display on your User Profile!

We’re All In This Together

Gaining points as a Contributor & Perfectionist is fun in its own way, but above all else you are the guiding hand in making VIBBIDI the best place for all music lovers to live. With your help, VIBBIDI can truly achieve the goal of becoming ‘Everything For Music,’ creating a platform where all music lovers can enjoy themselves without needing to go anywhere else.

Let’s build a strong community of listeners who can thrive together & share the joy of music for all!