The VIBBIDI Philosophy

    At the core of our platform, we believe music is the social fiber which makes the human experience worth living, capable of shaping our emotions & providing us the drive to achieve our dreams in life – With something this important at hand, why should we settle for anything but the best possible experience? We want to rekindle the love & passion which once fueled the music industry, bringing back the exhilaration of music discovery & giving you the tools to truly express yourself amongst a community of like-minded individuals, creating a platform made for music lovers, by music lovers – Essentially, in the long-run we want to be Everything For Music!

    Our musical lifestyles should benefit everyone, from the Artist to the Listener to the creatively-focused individual who wants to express their sonic interests in a non-musical manner, so providing a hub for this creativity to prosper is of the utmost importance to us – If you’d care to join us, together we can turn dreams into reality with a platform that refuses to give anything short of 100%, bringing on a new wave of musical interaction!

    Bringing Innovation To Your Sonic Life

    Let’s Put Easy Content Creation In Your Hands

    One of the most important aspects we feel is missing from today’s music-related platforms is a sense of agency, giving Artists, Users & Creators the ability to showcase their talents in a way that speaks to who they are as individuals in a cool, concise & collected format. Why must we constantly have to switch from platform to platform just to serve our musical desires when they could all live & breathe in one place? Where’s the fun in engaging with music in a strictly auditory manner, pushing aside all the benefits of personalization & creative freedom other mediums allow when they can be one & the same?

    To remedy this, we want to expand your creative freedom with our new Narratives, giving everyone the ability to do a deep dive on the music they love with unique stories from all walks of life, be they nostalgia trips through connected memories, breakdowns of musical technique or simply interesting stories relating to the music at hand; You can show the world exactly who you are through your writing, saving these Narratives as well as the music your cherish to your own highly-customizable Profile page, letting your memories & interests paint a beautiful picture of who you are as a person, bringing new depth & features to the social music experience – Your voice is an incredible asset to be cherished & we think you should be free to explore it however you please, thus achieving the first step of our vision in being Everything For Artists & eventually leading the way for us to become a hub where you’ll find Everything For Music.

    Become An Influencer & Make Your Melody Heard!

    On VIBBIDI, everyone has the chance to become an influencer, no matter how new to the platform they may be; You don’t need a million followers, killer abs or lucky industry connections to make an impact, just a thirst for music & the will to share – As you accumulate Narratives & other musical interests to your profile page, the power of creativity becomes the tool through which you can put your personal stamp on the music streaming industry, reaching as wide an audience as possible without having to rely on nearly as much effort as you would elsewhere. Publish your Narrative stories, collect & listen to your favourite music, contribute your unique Covers or Remixes to the community & make your profile a snapshot of your own personality for others to follow & consume, broadcasting your taste as a unique listening experience you can’t find anywhere else; We’ll then do the rest of the legwork to make sure your voice is heard with daily features & promotions that put your vibe on center-stage for all to see!

    Music With No Strings Attached

    As part of our mission to make music that much easier for everyone, we’ve put the same energy into every aspect of our platform as we have with your individual profile characteristics, making sure you get the most inclusive listening experience on the market & unlike other platforms, you won’t be blocked by pay-barriers to get the content you crave, enjoying a truly-free music platform that meets all the needs you could ever require; You’ll still receive all the features you’ve become accustomed to like unlimited music streaming, access to Artists, Albums & Singles as well as staff-curated Playlists & Themes that make music discovery as stress-free as possible, but you also gain the added benefits of social interaction, seamless content collection & developing music technologies that place new value on the User-side of the equation, giving you free-reign to support your favourite Artists with rich community dynamics & contribution systems that will only continue to evolve with time – We’re focused entirely on the future of the music industry & want to give you all the tool necessary to be the voice that brings about this change, building the way we consume music with a much more creative focus than ever before & doing so without putting any monetary or moral stress on your wallet, freeing you up to just live!

    Music Is Better With VIBBIDI

    The future of music is about the beauty of simplicity & with your help, we can make these dreams a reality, sparking a new age of music consumption that’ll give you the first true all-in-one music platform wherein everything you could possibly want is at your fingertips, ready to go at a moment’s notice; From our humble dream of being Everything For Artists to our long-term goal of compiling Everything For Music, you could have a hand in creating the new future of the music industry – The sky is the limit, so come with us & put yourself in the perfect position to Change The World!