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VIBBIDI began from the humble desire of a few college friends to make today’s music-listening experience more enjoyable for everyone, giving Users the power to discover music outside the usual mainstream realm & connecting Artists with the audiences who make their careers possible.

With the advancement of the internet & digital streaming technologies, access to musical content has become a universal right in today’s society, but that same progress also fragmented the music community by making streaming a singular experience to be enjoyed on your own without the influence of friends or fans. Music is no longer appreciated from the heart, instead consisting only of recommended Playlists paid for by record labels.

We used to take pleasure in finding hidden gems, making mix CDs & trading discoveries with friends to improve our sense of self, but it feels like most Streaming services today just want you to follow the crowd, unable to express your individuality. In an effort to bring everyone back together, we created VIBBIDI to reunite the masses & turn music into a communal experience full of the life & comfort of the old days, letting you experience music how you want to in one central location without the fear of being left behind.

The VIBBIDI Philosophy

Music is a wonderful gift that everyone on Earth can agree upon, so why make it harder for you to get what you need to have a good time? It is our belief that you shouldn’t have to browse hundreds of different websites to find what you’re looking for, so VIBBIDI’s Philosophy revolves around streamlining every possible form of music you would want to experience!

Do you enjoy streaming an Artist’s discography? We’ve got you covered. Are you interested in hearing personal stories about someone’s own connection to a piece of music? We have that too. Maybe you’re just looking for official Lyrics or an update on the latest News & Gossip about your favourite Artist? Yes, we can give you that as well!

More importantly, we recognize that the enjoyment of music is more than just the creation of Artists themselves but rather the supportive efforts of their fans, keeping the flame burning by Contributing Live experiences, fleshed-out discographies, supplementary content & so much more that proves you are a valid part of the community! Since the other music-streaming platforms refuse to scratch this itch, we saw an opening to unite the industry & fulfill your every desire as a fan in one central location by letting you boost the signal of your favourite Artists whether they’re a platinum-selling star or a local Indie bar-band, as everyone deserves their moment in the sun.

How We Differentiate Ourselves

It’s one thing to simply say we want to change the current music-streaming industry, but it’s another to actually do it! With your help, VIBBIDI can become the richest library of music-related content available on the web, bringing the beauty of music to everyone across the world completely free of charge.

A Consolidated Music Experience

As mentioned before, we want you to have access to every type of music content you could possibly desire all in a clean, satisfyingly-organized system that’s easy to navigate. We have official Artist, Album & Single pages for anything you could want, each with every possible variation available at your fingertips so you can enjoy Music Videos, Audio, Remixes, Live Performances, Fancams, User Covers, Tutorials & even more. Additionally, we regularly curate content you might not normally hear, like our Album Themes, User Playlists & Staff Picks that highlight interesting music you need to know about. As we continue to grow, these categories will also expand to grant access to any related material you’d ever need.

Contributor Recognition

While we’re doing everything in our power to make our database comprehensive, we are a small team & can only accomplish so much, so we’ve given Users the power to help represent their favourite Artists by becoming Contributors to VIBBIDI. Is a page missing some valuable content you think other Users deserve to see & hear? You can add it to VIBBIDI yourself to make sure no one ever misses a beat – Taking this a step further, you are awarded points for every Contribution you make, letting you showcase your fandom for all to see in addition to earning recognition as an involved member of the music-loving community.

Community Interactivity

Being a Contributor is the easiest step towards becoming an Influencer on VIBBIDI, but there are so many other ways for you to interact with the community to not only raise your rank on the Leaderboards but also discover new friends who can introduce you to music tastes you’ve never encountered! Make & share Playlists of your favourite mixes, write personal Narratives about your connection to an Artists, chat with like-minded Users about new music, Follow other content-creators, Message your friends, rate User Contributions & tons of other upcoming features so you can connect with everyone & make your mark on today’s music industry.

Putting The Artists & Their Fans First

As we grow, it is our intention to introduce many new forms of interaction across the platform that will improve the music-lives of our Users but also increase the reach of upcoming Artists. We want to give you a platform to express yourself & the means to make a living now that the music-industry has lost its monetary drive; Be it advertising your Merch & Concert Tickets down the line, supporting Fan Meet-Ups, encouraging content-creation or delivering the most aggressive streaming-payouts in a year’s time, we want Musicians & their Fans to prosper in the coming years to ensure a future of creativity & self-expression unlike any other!

No Subscriptions Fees, Available To Everyone

The most frustrating facet of today’s music-streaming services is the fact that they’re only really available to those in developed regions with the means to afford access to music; You need to have a $2000 smartphone, a high-speed internet connection & a singular focus on Western music to feel satisfied. We think this is absolute nonsense & have developed VIBBIDI to be accessible on any device that has an internet connection & a web-browser, freeing you up to enjoy the gift of music no matter your financial means. Additionally, we hope to encourage the cross-pollination of music interests from across the world by featuring live-updated rankings of what our Users are actually listening to, helping you discover unknown genres that real Users are enjoying all over the planet! Connect with your fellow music-lovers & expand your horizons!

Music Is Better With VIBBIDI

At the end of the day, we have no delusions of grandeur or intentions to make a quick buck off the hard-working individuals who provide us the valuable music content necessary for a happy existence; Our small team has only ever strived to have fun & share the joy of music with those who are unhappy with the tentpole platforms. All we want is to make your life as a music-lover simpler, more interactive & as enjoyable as possible.

VIBBIDI is the first step towards achieving an inter-connected music industry akin to the rich community we had back at the turn of the century, streamlining your Streaming experience without attempting to dictate what you should & shouldn’t listen to. No longer does your voice have to follow the trends of the popular world; Instead, VIBBIDI conforms to your interests & provides what you want your music experience to be like.

If you’re ready for the next step, we’d love for you to join us in our endeavor to become “Everything For Music”, the only music-streaming platform dictated entirely by its Users!