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May 17, 2019

Taylor Swift, raising her ‘Reputation’ of American Queen

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio / 6 mins read

What can a star do that everything she touches makes it a worldwide success that reaches the corners of the earth that we would never have imagined existed? A star with more than 83 million followers on Twitter, more than 68 million on Facebook, more than 33 million subscribers on YouTube and more than 117 million on Instagram. Well, I can only think of one thing: reaffirm her place as the American Queen she has become or, perhaps I should say, the Queen of the World. With a bunch of successes behind her that have been the envy of many artists who have not been able to reach that height and with the enormous responsibility of satisfying all those admirers that I have just enumerated (plus those who silently love her and have all her albums, but they do not dare to say it), Taylor Swift raises her reputation with her album, Reputation. Caring to the last detail in both, the music and the videos that adorn a lot of the issues and including responses to many of her detractors, the jump to the confirmation that we have Taylor Swift for a long time, is giant and leaves a long way of distance for who wants to reach her. It seems impossible that after this, someone can remove her from the throne. From the cover you can see the tone of the singer's posture, with those images that appear to be newspaper notes and her challenging face, she wants to make clear to those who thought that she could not do anything else, that she is not only capable of that and more but also that she is someone so important to many, that she is big enough to call attention whenever she proposes it. An album that also invites that aspirational feeling that is very necessary for many who need an inspiration, a role model, something that gives meaning to their lives to keep fighting to be someone in this world. An intelligent album in the selection of themes and guest artists (without abusing this resource as much as many others). An album that also has the virtue of taking seriously the primary reason for the business of music: entertain. An album that meets the highest quality standards in the recording of songs and in the production of each and every one of the videos. We are facing a record so versatile that you can listen at any time, enjoy it in privacy or at any weekend party. And above all, we have an album that says things, because nowadays, it is difficult to find songs that dare to say things in this musical genre. If someone does not find the content of this album interesting, it is because they do not want to listen to it.

The summit is reached alone

The songs include from beginning to end many tracks of what the singer has surely had to endure, from the harassment of patients who at all costs want to approach her to perhaps hurt her, even the harassment of record labels, businessmen and competitors who see her either, the factory to make money or, the rival that has to be destroyed. Being on top is not easy, because you are usually alone. It's like a race, only one can win and it will be only she who arrives at the goal, will not have company and the success and pain of having achieved the victory only she has to enjoy and suffer. But maturity and feet on earth always serve to overcome all those moments. Taylor Swift amply demonstrates the virtue she has to write and also to put together her videos with the incredible ability she has to show us that she can also laugh and have fun; but above all, the healthy practice that we should all have to be able to laugh at ourselves. The album is not hypocritical, on the contrary, the artist is so sincere with herself and with her audience, that we can see her in comic moments as well as in serious situations. When it arrives, "Do Not Blame Me", things get dark to offer us a balance in the selection of the songs, in addition, it shows us that part of their influences come from the music of the eighties and nineties, the musicalization of the theme cannot lie. Later, the Taylor Swift that we all know and adore arrives with "Delicate". Several of the elements that I like most about this song and its video, is the way in which the singer is self-critical, laughs at herself and, at the same time, expresses a huge desire to be invisible, to have a moment like which the rest of us humans can enjoy daily. It's what I told them about the pain that also represents success. The physical wear and tear she used to make the video is also a sign of the enormous effort that has to be done to achieve what she wants. The artist releases everything she has inside and, in the end, ends up tired, but satisfied.

The evolution of successes

Immediately after "Delicate" the album rises in intensity to reach "Look What You Made Me Do", the song that gives all the meaning to the whole album. For me, this song is the natural evolution of the compositions of an artist that comes from the massive success that represented "Shake It Off" and all the praises and negative reviews that she brought with her. There she answers many of the things that have been questioned throughout her career, she makes it clear that she will not stop and that she is able to pass anyone who wants to take her place with hard work, quality and a lot of love towards her audience and to everything she does. In no way does she abandon the sticky formula that gave her success in "Shake It Off" and she would not have to do it; However, this song is accompanied by deeper sounds and far from the innocent and childlike image that characterized her. At the end of the album, "New Year's Day", leaves the best reason to return to the album whenever we want. Sincere and with simple arrangements but very close to the heart, sometimes, with a piano that seems to be touched in an erratic way intentionally, so that we can feel that everything there is alive and that she is an artist of flesh and bone, that has delivered this selection that ensures a long life as the only one capable of reaching the top.