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"The 1975"

May 10, 2019

The 1975, A Perfectly Reflected Lifestyle

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio / 6 mins read

I wanted to take their first album released in 2013 since it seems to me that The 1975 put things very clear from the beginning, perfectly defined what would be the path that their music would take, same that has given the perfect direction to become into the favorite rock band of many in the world. A band that had timid origins in the United Kingdom and that later took self-confidence to emerge as creator of their own themes and give voice to millions of young people who perhaps did not know how to say what was happening to them and, above all, what is the lifestyle that they like to live. With a soft style and far from the stridency typical of Rock bands that are characterized by the aggressiveness when playing their instruments, The 1975 prefers to tell stories of what now live those who are at an age that does not exceed the 35 years. And when I say that they have made things clear so that everyone knows what their music and philosophy are, I am not speaking in the abstract, the song that opens the album (“The 1975”) and bears the name of the band says it in all its lyrics:

“Go down
Soft sound
“Go down
Soft sound
Car lights
Playing with the air
Breathing in your hair
Go down
Soft sound
Step into your skin? I'd rather jump in your bones
Taking up your mouth, so you breathe through your nose.”

What better cover letter than this? They thought it well and executed it better, all those who like the soft sound, the vision of the city at midnight and the lights of the cars while playing with the air and seek to end with the daylight on their face next to the sexual partner of that day, should have immediately adhered to that magnet that the band put them, after that came the music.

The City Is The Main Stage

Perhaps out of solitude or just out of curiosity you are always looking for love in the expression we all know as sex. And the best advice that someone can give you, is that you will find it in the city. The place par excellence to find it or buy it. Boys and girls willing to fill that emptiness inside, boys and girls willing to fill that pocket. Whatever the case, you will find it in the city. That is why in youth one falls in love with that place that never sleeps, the place where everyone sees you, but nobody knows who you are, the place that creates the perfect moment to realize the conquest of that night and that when the morning arrives and see yourself in that bed that is not yours and, those curtains that let in the light and hurt your eyes, you do not remember anything or you do not want to remember it. You dress quickly and leave without saying a word, you enter the first coffee shop that you find, you do not try to organize your thoughts; on the contrary, you arrange your hair with the illusion of moving thoughts away as soon as possible. After several sips of coffee, smile is drawn on your face because you wanted to remember something that was fine. You go home to sleep and try to recover all your strength because tonight you will return to the city. Stage gangs, dreams, fights, love and one or another problem with authority, the city is the perfect escape valve for repressed desires and the perfect arena to hunt dreams. The 1975 portrays it not only in their song "The City", but throughout the album. The city is the main stage of their life and philosophy, that's why so many people identify with their music. For example, the song "M.O.N.E.Y.", which character like this you can find outside the city, I do not believe it. In fact, guys like this are a product of the city and it is in those visions and experiences where the work of The 1975 makes sense.

Everything Revolves Around The Sex?

"Everything revolves around sex, except sex, sex revolves around power." The previous sentence has been attributed to several characters and I do not know who to actually give the credit. Some say it belongs to Oscar Wilde, others say it belongs to Freud and the most modern ones attribute it to Francis Underwood. Indeed, the character played by Kevin Spacey in the series House Of Cards said it in a chapter, although I doubt that that phrase was written in an original way for the series ... I'm with Oscar Wilde. The point is that again, The 1975 returns us to the city and the night, perfect formula to find casual love, although sometimes the attraction is so much that we fall into the networks of love. All in the bar disguising, making believe that they do not turn to see anyone and; however, they are looking for who their partner will be for that night. It's a night out with the friends from the office or maybe the old classmates of the university, everything starts as a meeting and everyone ends up as usual: dispersed, performing the ritual every night, taking to the hotel or the apartment the person that filled their eyes and will tried to fill the shoes of the other, of the one who was absent, perhaps in another bar, taking another to the hotel or apartment to fill the shoes of another, so on and on, the city and the night will always be inspiration, refuge and aspiration. That is exactly what we find in each track of The 1975 and that is why maybe we are all reflected in that reality. The band originally from Manchester, England, has four studio albums and four Eps. They were a little hesitant about the name the band would take, trying with several names until they found the current one. Their tours around the world are a success and their music recall a bit of what the classics of the eighties left behind. With influence of many and influencing many in the current scene, its soft rock and sometimes slow, will continue to be a style much sought after by all lovers of the urban.