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Love in the Future (Deluxe Edition)

"John Legend"

May 24, 2019

Love in the Future, an album to treasure

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio / 6 mins read

Love in the Future (Deluxe Edition) by John Legend, will definitely be an album that will go down in history. There are too many elements with this selection of musical jewels that would need several days to talk about all of them. Navigating through all the themes and getting to all the places where Captain John wants to take you is exciting. It is like a trip to the past but with many details that give you the certainty that you are listening to the music of the present and maybe because of that, it is setting the course towards the future. From the most classical instruments of Jazz and Soul to the most modern instruments and effects used in modern R & B, the Synthpop and the New Wave give form to this work of 2013 and determines the style of a singer determined to give quality to everything that it does. An album that fulfills in many of its themes with commercial standards to reach a broad audience, but also includes fairly well-made songs and musical experiments that not everyone dares to include in their albums today because of the fear of not to conquer the taste of the less refined public but who are great buyers of records. It is truly a battle for the brave, but, above all, for the smart. Being determined to deliver a bunch of songs with this manufacture, having the support of the record label and being sure of the success you will get is not easy. This gives me plenty of reasons to reflect on the situation that has prevailed in other music markets for decades. This is the case in my country, Mexico. One of the biggest criticisms I can make to the music industry in my country (which, in most cases, are the same companies that do other things in the United States and the United Kingdom) is the denial to open up the doors to musicians and composers of great quality but that do not always adhere to the commercial canons. The reason is absurd since companies have always given the pretext that without sales or with few sales, there is no contract and diffusion. The case of John Legend and many others in the history of American and British music, quality, manufacturing, and experimentation, are not fought with sales. To achieve that a public elevates its standards for the taste towards more refined music, it is necessary to begin to give them good music, to be persistent and in some way, to educate the big buyers of discs so that they can appreciate other things and do not be afraid of approaching a higher quality disc. But if for decades the Mexican public has been given only basic music in every way and without worrying about quality, that moment will never come. I am not saying that there is no quality and portentous artists in terms of composition and interpretation in my country, but the sad thing is that they lack the diffusion and support of the big record companies in order to start giving something of more quality to our audience. That's why I think that those of us who are always looking the other way to find things that are worthwhile and to continue loving music, we must treasure the album Love in the Future by John Legend, this is the sign that with will and quality It can reach large audiences without risking dignity.

Only one piano and nothing else

From the first song "Love in the Future (Intro)" the album prepares you for what you are about to listen to. It will be music that you can listen to in a romantic evening in a cosmopolitan bar. You will feel that the lights of the city will be the perfect setting for that unforgettable night, perhaps at the top of a tower of some great city, taking a Martini. Regardless of the company, the good conversation, and an excellent drink, the music cannot be ignored and, when the time of "All of Me" arrives, surely the people in the bar will be silent, what few will notice will be that the elements that made everyone pay attention were only two: the voice of John Legend and his piano. As simple, as complex. When one can reach those levels the love of the public is assured forever. A sweet melody but not cheesy, an almost perfect voice that fills everything, and a piano that, without exaggerating in its accompaniment, is the only thing that is needed to have everyone in love while the song lasts. The success that represented "All of Me" for John Legend is practically the confirmation that his career will be long and prolific and that the acceptance of the public for what he does in other albums, will not be conditioned to deliver commercial things. That's what the record industry has understood in countries like the United States for a long time and, I wonder why those same companies do not put it into practice in countries like Mexico. In short, it will be a struggle for many years, and I do not know if it can be won someday.

Dreams, only dreams

Well, after externalizing my dreams, which are just that, dreams, to see that one day more quality can be delivered by the record companies in my country, let's continue with the album. While Love in the Future progresses, we can experience all kinds of feelings and moods. The tour will take us through beautiful passages of Soul, Neo Soul, Jazz fusion and, of course, R & B. The case of the song "Hold On Longer" made me remember Barry Manilow very fondly!!! Is not it great? And at the same time, all that atmosphere of modernity that surrounds the album creates a feeling of experiencing something unique and truly beautiful. We will have more opportunities to continue talking about all the virtues of John Legend on another occasion, but for now, do me a favor and do yourself a favor, do not stop listening and follow him, because quality things are rarely heard.