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Witness (Deluxe)

"Katy Perry"

May 24, 2019

The Witness Of The Continuity Of Katy Perry

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio / 6 mins read

Witness, the latest Katy Perry's album confirms the route that will continue for a long time. In many cases, when a formula works, both artists and companies do not bother to change. I think that in this case, it is not a mistake because I cannot find a place where Katy Perry could go with her abilities and the trajectory we know of her. It is also true that when you try radically change, the attempts can become a resounding failure and we do not want that for a singer who has won the hearts of millions around the world with her naturalness and sympathy. I believe that both her charisma and the correct handling of the image by her team is what has allowed not only to remain in the taste of many but also to forgive the fact that she remains in her style without risking little more. We all need a bit of lightness during the week. A job well done like the one that presents us on this album, with the correct dose of music with which you can move and smile, is enough to thank. Millions in the world were expecting something like that from her and have been rewarded one hundred percent. She is a good example of the artist who is faithful to the audience that has made her a beloved star and, I do not think she has any reason to change, while her fans reward her with their love, buying records and tickets for her concerts. Personally, I have always preferred more elaborate music, with a content that compromises more, when it comes to reflecting on what the artist proposes in her lyrics, however, I am surprised when more superficial things seduce me, and this is the case of everything that Katy Perry has delivered since the beginning of her career. It's what we commonly call a guilty pleasure. And I'm not ashamed to say that every time I know that this singer has released something new I'm happy, I cannot wait to listen to her and, I must say, watch the videos she created for her new songs. Like many others, the key to the artist's success is the complete package: music and video. Some controversy so that no one forgets about her is another element that we can add to the formula and, it's fine, it's part of the times we live. The album takes us to the places that Katy Perry has always taken us and we love them. The sense of humor is present in almost all songs, there are more emotional moments than others and that funny childhood style that she does not abandon, makes us all complicit in happiness that even makes us feel stupid at times, but it does not matter. As always, I give a very special place to everything that this singer does, because I can get a bit of that feigned seriousness to which life forces you. Let's listen, then, Witness, by Katy Perry.

Would Be? I Do Not Think So

The beginning of the album took me a bit of balance, the song that bears the name of the album gave me the impression of a twist in the style of the singer and I thought I was not going to get what I was looking for, and the reason why I've always liked Katy Perry. "Witness" is not a bad song; on the contrary, it shows a mature side and a certain evolution without abandoning her style but, it was still a bit disconcerting not to start with something very rhythmic and full of humor. I frowned and said, "Is the queen of sympathy getting serious?" I do not think so, I thought. But I listened carefully to the whole song and although a little nervous about the fact that I was thinking that I could witness a mistake, it did not leave a bad taste in my mouth, I knew that Katy Perry was not going to disappoint me and that what would come Later I would be filled with joy. Fortunately, I was right, as the album progresses one confirms that there is our heroine, the one of "Firework" and "California Gurls" the one of "Roar" and "I Kissed a Girl" and she does not disappoint us in any of the tracks included for this album. Never leaves that image that has been rightly inspired by the comics of Archie and the character Katy Keene, although I know that many of her fans and the singer herself do not like this comparison, I do not see where the negative side of this is. In fact, every time that for its makeup and wardrobe remind me of those comics, I find it charming and full of the beauty, is part of pop culture, so I do not see why they feel offended.

Without Changing The Rhythm

As I said at the beginning, Katy Perry is not mistaken and remains chained to the style that has given her the global success she has had for many years and, in this case, I think it is very good. One of the two songs that assure commercial success to this album is, "Chained To the Rhythm" which clearly shows that the style is so effective that nothing has to be changed for now. Pastel colors, characters with excess makeup, comic and unlikely circumstances, and a radiant Katy Perry that makes us laugh and move in an environment very similar to the childhood comics. It's that simple and without prejudice. In this song, the spirit of the typical Katy Perry that we all love is summarized.

Beware Of Calories

Maybe the song that I like least, both in the musical and in what is seen in the video is "Bon Appétit" where Migos participates. Do not get me wrong, I accept that Katy looks beautiful from head to toe, but I think she goes out of her style unnecessarily to give an image that does not suit her from my point of view. However, I must also accept that this is one of the two songs that won the first places of preference in many countries and one has to give it recognition. Recently she released the single "365" with Zedd and, again our heroine has not failed us, I cannot wait to keep hearing more from her in the months to come.