Gully Boy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

"Dub Sharma, DIVINE, Naezy, Rishi Rich, Ankur Tewari, Jasleen Royal, Kaam Bhaari, Spitfire, Midival Punditz, Karsh Kale, Viveick Rajagopalan, Major C, Ace, Ishq Bector & Hardeep"

‘Rap’ a genre so powerful yet so underutilized. A good rap can give you goosebumps, it has that quality of being revolutionary and a bad rap can take your faith away from this whole style. We have always admired rapper from the other side of the globe be it Eminem, NAS, Tupac or countless others who spoke their reality through their rhymes. Of course it was before rap became all about big booties, hot chicks, drugs and sex. Gully boy revived my faith in rap scene in South Asia. It basically showed me why people rap, from where it comes to how it explodes when performed in the right way. Gully Boy is inspired from the life of youngsters living in Mumbai slums and how their difficulties and hardships makes for great rap verses.

This will get you through tough times ‘’Apna Time Ayega’’ (My time will come)

An anthem for everyone who is a believer and a dreamer. This song appears for three different occasions in this movie. First when the protagonist is in the lowest phase and he comes up with these lines, second when he is asked to perform what he has written for the first time and lastly when he finally made it. Ranveer Singh is not a real life rapper like Eminem is in 8 mile still he holds up pretty well. As this song concludes what this movie is all about it had to be performed with that fire and passion which he delivers. The rap in this song has that ability to make you feel alive, to give you that courage for fighting a long battle to turn your dreams into a reality.

Asli Hip-Hop is The voice of streets (Real Hiphop)

“Asli hip hop” was the first track released from the movie and it captured just enough essence of rap to intrigue the audience.. The lyrics are written so beautifully that it can relate to anyone who is hustling out there to make their dreams come true. There is a line in the song which is my favorite ‘’Kalakaar mein kal ko aakar dun yahi hai mera dharam meri dusri koi zaat na’’ (I am an artist and I shape tomorrow that’s my only religion I don’t know anything else). These lyrics are written by a 17 year old rapper Spitfire and it really speaks volume about how talent just can’t be taught or bought this is something you are born with.

Mere Gully Mein is an ode to where you come from (In my street)

This is a song which will remind you of your own street. It celebrates your roots, your humble beginnings. There is a dialogue in the movie when Murad is disheartened and saying everyone has more experience than him and his friend says you tell about how much world you have seen in your own street. There’s a story everywhere we see, every person we meet and when combine all of that experience it can create a track as good as “Mere Gully Mein”.

Songs that will hit you hard (Distance and Freedom)

Class system is something which is unavoidable in that part of the world where we live. There’s a visible distance that comes with this prejudice which doori will make you see crystal clear. This song beautifully captures Murad’s helplessness, a girl’s sadness, a mother’s sorrow anda child’s confusion. When there’s so much limitations in a society there comes a time when people wants to break free and Azadi tells us exactly how a revolution takes place. Freedom certainly has no cost but it usually comes with a big cost in terms of sacrifices. Azadi shows the lines between right and wrong are often blurry for a man who has to make ends meet when he has absolutely nothing. The rap in this song is simply hard-hitting, it shows the two face nature of probably every country on this planet. One side where its all glitz, glamour, tall buildings, million dollars mansions, billion dollars businesses and then the other side which just contains darkness, people on that side only live because they were born and they aren’t dead yet nothing else keeps thm alive there.

The song to celebrate victory (Train Song)

When finally Murad gets what he desires, the end credits play this song while showing different montages of his life, a line from that song got stuck in my head ‘’Seedy pattay paday baazi ye tu jeet gaya, Waqt muhskil tha magar jesey bhi ho beet gaya’’ (Some dices were rolled in your favor and you won, Time was tough but it has passed now). This song is such a feel god song and if you have ever faced a situation which didn’t feel like winnable at first but then you conquered it then this should be your victory song too. Gully Boy’s album is the one which will never get old because it talks about emotions of sorrow, happiness, winning, losing and emotions never gets old.