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Man of the Woods

"Justin Timberlake"

May 31, 2019

Justin Timberlake and his album Man of the Woods, you can always be better

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio / 6 mins read

Definitely, during several years of my life, I was never a fan of the boy bands, that's why I was always away from the work of Justin Timberlake with *NSYNC until he decided to build a career as a soloist. At first, I was not so curious to know what I was doing, but by dint of finding it on TV shows, several collaborations with other singers and videos of their songs and concerts that appear everywhere, I started to get interested. It was a pleasant surprise to meet a singer who over the years and having his feet on the ground made him mature and dedicate himself to grow with his music and his very particular style to entertain. Unlike many who have left the groups that launched them to fame and that no matter how hard they try, they can not get a place in the public's taste or that for some reason they become very arrogant people (as is the case of Zayn ex 1D or One Direction, of which I have spoken in another Narrative) charisma, sympathy, and his concern to deliver quality things, have made Justin Timberlake one of the favorite artists of the United States and many other countries in the world. There have been many works that I have been able to know about him and when arriving at the most recent of his creations, Man of the Woods, he leaves me impressed for several reasons. Among other things, I am impressed by the generosity of the artist to put on an album so many songs and all of them with a considerable duration, it is noteworthy that in several of the songs on this album leaves ample space for what I suppose will be the moments in that will shine with his dance steps, same that go crazy to his fans during their concerts. As you read the title of the album, you can guess that it will be a collection of topics that will be collected from the most traditional catalog of American songs from the south, to what most identifies this country in terms of modern musical trends. And you're not wrong, Justin Timberlake stamps his album with a very American stamp and is proud of it. Curiously, for me the weakest song on the album and perhaps the most childish one, is precisely "Man of the Woods" but I think is because is part of the concept for what this album was designed, that is directed to a very specific audience, that he decided to include it and dedicate a video. Apart from that, the rest is outstanding. Like everything, the album has ups and downs in terms of the moods that are handled, but in general, their songs will make you vibrate with all that mix of styles and rhythms worthy of having them in different track lists to enjoy them at different times. Although I think the best way to enjoy it is to listen to it from beginning to end. Justin does not leave anything for later in this album: he gives us a master class of singing, dancing, feeling, different rhythms and currents and even gives a sample in his facet of being a father!

A Beginning To Impress

The beginning of the album is electrifying with the song "Filthy" both the song and the video that accompanies it, warn us that we will be attentive to everything that comes because it promises to be good and clear that it keeps you attentive! Apart from the good song that is a display of technology in terms of recording techniques, the video caught my attention for obvious reasons. A demonstration of an impressive technology when it comes to filming the video that creates a futuristic atmosphere and, a Justin Timberlake that contrasts with a very simple look and that directs that sympathetic robot at a distance. It is obvious that his robot would do the dance steps that have made him famous and that gives him a fun ingredient to that part of the video. Another thing that I found funny in the video was the fact that most of those who were part of the audience were of Eastern origin, it is as if all over the world we knew that when talking about technological advances, we need the endorsement of people from those countries due to their enormous reputation for being the spearhead in terms of technology, and being the first ones to have and enjoy all these novelties. The filmmakers did not ignore it and that is why they included these actors. After seeing and hearing this, you have the certainty that you are facing a great album, and little by little you will discover it.

Going Higher

Follow the tracks: "Midnight Summer Jam" "Sauce" and "Man of the Woods" and they are the preparation to make things even more interesting. It is not an album that you have to listen to with such seriousness, on the contrary, one of its virtues is that it has truly funny moments. When the time comes for "Higher Higher" you can only confirm that the quality and richness of sounds have been taken care of to the utmost. I love the voices that adorn this song and the maturity that is heard behind it, definitely the singer was not taking things lightly, nor did he pretend to fulfill any commitment. The album was made thoroughly, and the result has been wonderful.

Continue Growing

Definitely, this gives for much more and when you get to "Supplies" you recognize Justin Timberlake's protest about so many things that are happening in the artistic and work environment everywhere. The song is also accompanied by a video that is heartbreaking and moves consciences. By the way, I make a special mention to the Mexican woman who participated as a co-star in this video: the beautiful Eiza Gonzalez.

The Most Emotional

One of the songs that I liked most about the album was, "Morning Light" in which Alicia Keys collaborated. It makes my skin crawl. Both gave an excellent demonstration of being good interpreters and the song is simply endearing. Although in the end, the song has some similarity with the success of Toy Story, "You've Got A Friend In Me" (which, by the way, I love) does not detract anything in its quality.