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"Camila Cabello"

Jun 08, 2019

Camila has it all

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio / 6 mins read

I was pleasantly surprised when I heard Camila Cabello's album Camila. I did not think that time was spent so fast listening to it and I did not think about the number of good things that the album has. Obviously, as a Latino, I identified and listened with great pleasure to the themes that confirm the singer's Latin roots included in this selection of eleven songs. At times I thought: and now, who is going to remember Shakira? with the double element to reach different audiences in terms of culture and language, plus the fact of starting her career on a platform like the one she represents the United States, not to mention the effect of the novelty, her beauty, and youth, I think the competition is leaning in favor of the Cuban-American; for Shakira, starting in Colombia and following paths that first led her to conquer the European market, they made her lost valuable time to position themselves among the American public. I also remembered that the space that Gloria Estefan has left is missing in the US market. A figure that represents the values, aspirations and cultural richness of the huge Latino community in that country and that makes clear the contribution in all areas and disciplines of it, to its culture. It would be great to know that one day Emilio Estefan, husband and brain of the success of Gloria, would produce an album for Camila Cabello. The singer can be someone who also gives meaning and continuity to the roots of all those young Latinos in North America who run the risk of forgetting them, which would be disastrous. But everything wrapped up in a modern and very colorful package for the locals and strangers and that the party extends to all the ends of the earth, will make it possible. Of course, this attractive singer also represents a commercial success in every way and that is why they exploit all their qualities for both markets, as well as those who get hooked with that spicy and "rico" style of their songs, such as Europe. On other occasions, I criticize the fact that the members of a band are affected by the departure of one of its members, since it loses much of the essence with which it was formed and because I think that, somehow it shows some disloyalty. In the case of the departure of Camila Cabello from the girl band, Fifth Harmony, I think it was not for disloyalty and was more than justified by the details that were involved at that time. But far from surrendering, the artist continued with her aspirations and was practically sponsored in her solo release, nothing more and nothing less than by Shawn Mendes! what definitely must have been a reason to reinforce confidence in her art. From my point of view, the fact that Camila Cabello has left her group should not be equated with what happened with ZAYN when leaving One Direction, which I think was motivated by selfishness and the idea of ​​standing out above the others. In short, they are points of view and that is how I have perceived it. After this album and taking the right decisions from her team, record company and, above all, from her, Camila Cabello has everything to transcend as an artist adored by everyone, both among the Latino community in the United States and In all of Latin America she will have a captive market that can take it to the clouds in a short time.

Beauty everywhere

Starting with the album cover, we will find beauty everywhere. That sensual image of Camila Cabello (which contrasts with an almost childish tone of voice) and that projects that hot and humid weather (in parts of the year, unbearable) of most Latin American countries, but above all, from the country where she has her roots: Cuba. Starting with the album cover, we will find beauty everywhere. That sensual image of Camila Cabello (which contrasts with an almost childish tone of voice) and that projects that hot and humid weather (in parts of the year, unbearable) of most Latin American countries, but, above all, the country where she has her roots: Cuba, invites us to prepare for a varied experience, full of colors, rhythms and influences from all sides so that, as I said before, time flies by. "Havana" (Habana in Spanish) name that belongs to the capital of Cuba, is also the biggest success of this first work of the artist and has transcended to the whole world taking a bit of how much that beautiful Caribbean island has offered musically over many decades. The same can be heard in fashionable places in the United States and Europe, as in almost all parties and bars in Latin America. It represents a musical break with the former member of Fifth Harmony as was Camila Cabello and marks a course in her career. Very closely as to the success of this song is "Never Be The Same", which shows another facet and satisfies different tastes. It also has two versions of the same theme.

Friend of music

I loved the song "Real Friends", one or two guitars, very discreet percussions, subtle choirs and the voice of Camila Cabello do it all. With these few elements, it is enough for dressing a sweet melody that you would like to hear several times. The song "She Loves Control" gets fully into a very fashionable style throughout the Spanish-speaking world as is reggaeton, but it does so with class and without falling into the vulgarities in which, for the deception of many, sometimes the representatives of this musical genre inevitably fall. "Consequences" and "Into It" are two other topics that are worth paying attention to.
After the worldwide success that has brought the release of Camila, the singer has begun to be considered by artists from the two worlds to which she belongs. Collaborations with great artists from both sides, confirm the seriousness with which they see her and the security they have of everything that awaits her in the future. In this aspect, it also reminds me of Christina Aguilera, who with her great voice and her Latin heritage, has been able to record in both languages with great success. It's only a matter of time (taking advantage of all this madness around her) before Camila Cabello gives us more songs and I cannot wait to hear her again.