The Divine Feminine

"Mac Miller"

May 24, 2019

Mac Miller Confirms that God is a Woman on The Divine Feminine

Written by @adelemarie from JustAdeleMarie / 6 mins read

Like usual, the death of an artist makes them more popular. No matter how sad it is, that is just the way it works. I personally have heard maybe a handful of some of Mac Miller’s old songs, like mixtape songs, but finally got around to listening to one of his albums. Which one did I start with? Obviously the one that was rumored to be about Ariana Grande, which was just a rumor she has one song dedicated to her. The one in question is his fourth studio album The Divine Feminine. The album features the clearest concept in comparison to his other works, and the concept is all things love. He not only talks loving women, but compares spirituality and the universe to a feminine energy and brings on a few popular features to help him do it. Now, even though I was not an avid fan of Mac’s while he was alive, when I found out he died, I was a wreck. I don’t know if I was the only one, but I took his death very hard, and have been wanting to listen to this album in particular since. So I finally did and it was so freaking beautiful, oh my God (is a woman).

Funky Jazz Rap Songs

We start the album with “Congratulations.” It is a track that Mac uses a piano led ballad to rap about a girl that Mac loves and has a lot of history with. He also has a ton of memories with her and talks about waiting for her because he finds her so divine, which probably inspired the album name. The track features Bilal and a female voice whispering and introducing the album. This is the way he would intro his mixtapes as well, so super reminiscent. Even though it is the first track on the album, it might have been my favorite. I love that it is a slow piano ballad that he uses to rap on, it is super unique. I also don’t know of any other rapper that could pull it off like he did. Next we have “Dang!” It features Anderson .Paak and is about trying to get your girl back and shows his sensitive side which is a side that Mac is familiar with sharing, but is a bit taboo in society. It is a jazz meets funk meets R&B rap tune that is what I think my grandmother would consider Swanky. It is followed by a track that is back to a rap tune. “Stay” is a song that begs his girl to stay with him rather than leaving every night. It features a trumpet beginning but the beat comes in and we have a rap track with the first verse.

The Song For Ariana Grande Is in this Paragraph

Moving on with the album and the theme, we get to the next song titled “Skin.” I only know two songs named ‘skin’ and both are super about sex, and this one is no different. Like the rest of the album, it talks about his sexual and romantic relationships. In addition to that, the song is easy listening and sensual and captures a jazzy R&B style which is different than his usual style- or any rapper’s style at that. The next song is the only song on the album that samples another. “Cinderella” is sampling a song by Tokyo Police Club called “Tessellate.” The song features Ty Dolla $ign and depicts vivid feelings for a special someone, which in this case is actually Ariana Grande. It is a slower rap beat that comes to an end with a piano that emphasizes the love and emotion on the track. The song that ties together his idea of a spiritual divine feminine is called “Planet God Damn.” He does this by characterizing the woman shown in the song as a god. It features Njomza and a synthetic beat track for Miller to rap while Njomza brings the R&B feel into the track on the chorus.

Ending a Love Album With a Love Song

The song “Soulmate” uses a clip from the movie Good Will Hunting to open the track- is that still considered sampling? Oh well. So the song contemplates the meaning of the word soulmate and is fueled with synthetic beats and a fun melody. A song featuring Ceelo Green, titled “We” is a bit of a jazzy tune. The song seemingly is showing a shy side of Mac that loves a girl but is too timid to make things official, but is followed by a song of a much different tone. “My Favorite Part” not only features his girlfriend at the time, but also includes a jazzy beat with a heavy bass. The song revolves around the lovely couple expressing their love for one another and allows their vocals to blend beautifully over the chorus. The last song on the album is titled “God is Fair, Sexy Nasty” and features Kendrick Lamar. On the song Mac shows off his abilities in the lyric field with the powerful feature. It is a ballad ending with a powerful message of love in order to close up an album about love. It is the longest track on the album, coming in at about eight minutes, but around minute six it turns to a piano led track featuring his grandmother talking about her husband. With listening to this album, I learned that it is Not like other rap albums that are pure beat and synthetic sounds, he created a musical masterpiece with tempos and instruments you wouldn’t think to rap on. It makes me a bit sad that I didn’t listen to him while he was alive besides a few here and there… Rest in Peace Mac.