"Camila Cabello"

May 08, 2019

Camila Goes From Fifth Harmony to Going Solo

Written by @adelemarie from JustAdeleMarie / 5 mins read

All it takes is a few years in a girl group to decide you want to make waves of your own on your own. After years of being in girl group Fifth Harmony, Camila Cabello left to do just that. Fans waited anxiously for her return to the music industry with an album of her own, and a little over a year ago, she released her debut album, Camila. The eleven-track album, including her radio version of “Never Be The Same,” features several singles and a theme depicting hurting, healing, and loving, which was almost the title. The pop album offers Latin inspired sounds, a little bit of guitar, and even a beautiful orchestra fueled, heartbreaking ballad. She spent about a year writing the album, and only has one chance at a first impression. She went from singing songs about working from home and being a girl boss to singing about lovers in Havana. She went from singing about boys making her sing like Mariah Carey to singing like Mariah on her solo album. A true tale of glowing up if you ask me.

Music With Latin Inspiration, Reggae, Dance Pop, And More

Starting the album with a little bit of love, “Never Be The Same” is an emotion filled, synth led song about falling so in love with someone that everything changes. The pre-chorus features Camila’s broken vocals before taking charge in the chorus. The song was initially titled “Nicotine” due to the pre chorus refers to the lover as being their drug. “All These Years” has a guitar introduction, that at one point was an acoustic, to a song about seeing an ex years after the breakup. If only we could hear the acoustic version… That would be a dream, but moving on. She speeds things back up with the next track, “She Loves Control.” “She Loves Control” is a fun dance pop tune written about a time in Camila’s life where she wanted constant control. Even though the song is a poppy bop, she is able to add a sufficient amount of Latin influence to stay true to the Camila Cabello style. One of the singles from the album, “Havana,” is dripping in Latin inspiration, from the cover art, to the music, the music video- the whole thing. Not to mention it is another song that she wrote about a personal experience with a lover. “Inside Out” is a song with a reggae infusion, but fear not, the bridge is half in Spanish as to not lose the Camila style.

Songs That Are Heartfelt, Emotional, And Super Freaking Personal

The seventh song on Camila is one of my favorites on the album. “Consequences” is a powerful ballad about a love that made you love so hard it came with consequences. The song could be seen as being a part two to “Never Be The Same” or a continuation of the relationship remembered in it. A review of the album describes the song as Camila’s, “most deeply personal and tear-jerking ballad with her powerful vocals against a delicate piano,” and I tell you that because I couldn’t have said it better myself even if I tried. Camila has a way with ballads, I haven’t heard a Camila ballad that I didn’t like. In fact, all of my favorite Camila Cabello songs are the ones she slows down. She follows the power ballad with “Real Friends” a song about being lonely in LA because finding friends is hard. Another song about a personal relationship in Camila Cabello’s life is the eighth track, “Something’s Gotta Give.” It’s another slow piano led song that has tones of orchestra in the chorus. Admittedly, I find myself skipping it but the times I do listen to it, it simply sweeps me away. Not sure why I find myself thinking so lowly of it, the song is just as beautiful and heartfelt as “Consequences.” A darker tune, “In The Dark” is a song about becoming your true self when the lights are off and no one is around. However, all of the songs aren’t about friends and love and hurt, the final song on the album, “Into It,” gives us a sexier, flirtier Camila. Like with any teen star trying to show they are grown up, Camila uses “Into It” to talk about getting into King sized Beds because she might not be a psychic, but she sees herself all over you.

Overall: A Great First Impression Has Been Made

For a debut album, Camila is good. For a debut album from someone who left their girl group/ boy band, it is one of the best. She uses her one chance of making a first impression very well. She is able to write music that is very personal to her, make music inspired by her heritage and who she really is, and even manages to get Young Thug on a track- which also means she made a dope album with only one feature. Not to mention the face Fifth Harmony was a very R&B, Pop Girl group, but Camila sets herself apart in sound with her album. There is no wonder it debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 as well as going platinum in the states. I will say that the album was originally titled The Hurting, The Healing, and The Loving but she changed it, thankfully, I think that name would have been awful. You can’t go wrong with a self-titled album... She also changed the names to several songs, some I mentioned. Seemingly Camila Cabello and I have that in common- we struggle with names and titles.