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May 17, 2019

The album, ‘ANTI’, by Rihanna is stunning

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio / 6 mins read

In the beginning, the first two songs were somewhat disconcerting for me because I did not know where they wanted to go and in part, it's good to feel that uncertainty when we're in front of the album of a prominent artist. To the third song, things started to become a bit clearer for me and I started to understand the idea of this Rihanna album, ANTI. The way I assimilated it is in the idea of an amazing album and a mixture of feelings that, of course, is reflected in the great variety of styles and musical genres, as well as lyrics that are located at the ends of the composition. It is probably the moment that the singer was going through and all her desires to experiment and all her feelings about how she sees life, were shaped in a masterly way. It's not about including different songs just for including them, it is about taking us through that world that lives in your mind and body to understand the sensitivity and complexity of a creative being. When it was time to listen to "Work", with Drake's participation, I thought that this would be the meaning of what would come next. I said to myself: "this is the climax of everything". Not only listening to the song, but also watching the video is a delight. I can not believe how much sensuality can be concentrated in a single movement, a gesture, a style to interpret, walk, look in the mirror and, at the same time, seduce you with a look that is really ignoring you. And the bodies, oh the bodies! What else can I ask? Absolutely nothing. I settled in better on the couch and said, "I'm ready for what's coming", that sensual mix of R & B, Hip-Hop and Reggae that will give me an exciting time. But I was wrong, totally wrong ... luckily. In the best style of Rihanna, the singer approached me, took me by the neck of my shirt, lifted me from the chair, approached her face to mine, saw me with a lot of determination and a certain courage and told me without speaking, only with her eyes: "I am capable of much more than this". And she demonstrated it convincingly. It is obvious that the theme "Work" represents the greatest success of the album; however, the work delivered by Rihanna throughout the album is immensely bigger than that hit. Of course, I think that having included this song was the right guess, since its enormous penetration and the success it represented, allowed the artist to be free in the selection of songs to round out the work and turn it into a succulent dish to be enjoyed in many ways. I had always taken this artist seriously because of her previous albums, but now she has me at her feet.

Desperate to hear more

The next song came, "Desperado" and I can not leave my astonishment to feel that shake after having seen and heard that girl who was seducing me a few minutes ago. A song in the best style of the themes that accompany the James Bond films, with greater seriousness, with a rhythm that transmits aplomb and security and a video that embellishes all that work. I asked myself "what is this?" Sounds good, but it was not what I expected. In the middle of the song, all that crazy love that causes "Work" had disappeared and the uncertainty that I felt at the beginning of the album was becoming certain: "this is amazing". Only she can take us from one state of mind to another without complaining. In ANTI, Rihanna has us in her hands and so we will walk for the best that the album has later, definitely the best. Of course, what would come next gives us much more of her physical beauty, sensuality and that rebellious style that characterizes her with the song "Needed Me”; however, what left me with my mouth open for not expecting a song like that, played by Rihanna was: "Same Ol' Mistakes.” Wow! her voice is incredibly good, and the style of the song is a beat that remembers the best of the genre in the United Kingdom many years ago. My brain was spinning, at that moment I was wondering where all the above was. Did I change the disk? No, it's the trip that Rihanna had embarked me on and there were still some very good things to keep enjoying. Best of all, it does not take effort to assimilate all this variety of genres; on the contrary, the way they are placed makes you not feel the time pass.

A talent that will never end

The song, "Never Ending”, demonstrates Rihanna's knowledge of what is most traditional and loved by the American public in terms of musical fights. I'm not sure if the public in the United States was expecting something like that on the record, I do not think so, but it was probably a pleasant surprise. The song is sweet and recalls many other themes in the story for which we have felt nostalgic. But the moment I fell on my knees is when the next song came, "Love On The Brain", that mix of Soul and Doo-wop played by Rihanna as the best singers of all time used to do it and that took my breath away. I could not believe it, in moments an innocent voice is heard, on other occasions, that of a woman full of desires to be loved and to give love. The song is a masterpiece in Rihanna's voice. In my very particular point of view, I am convinced that this song is enjoyed more just by listening to it instead of being distracted by watching the video, but I understand that they are tastes and nothing else. I thought this would end here, but, as usual, I was wrong.

Finish on the floor

I recovered my breath when I heard the following song: "Higher" but what would come to close the album ended up causing me a faint. "Close To You" ended up throwing me to the ground. I was in ecstatic, what sweetness! What way to close the record after a start like the one it has. With this song, you feel that Rihanna is giving you a kiss goodbye. I repeat: What else can I ask for? Magnificent!