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Inner Monologue, Pt. 1 - EP

"Julia Michaels"

Jun 14, 2019

Inner Monologue, the more personal, the more universal

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio / 6 mins read

When you really want to succeed in the business of popular music, many artists over time try to be who they are not or enter a genre they do not belong to, either by cultural roots or even by social stratum. They believe they can write songs that reach the segment of the market to which they are oriented, either because of their style, or because some manager believed that it would fit well and they embark on the adventure of inventing unreal things, phrases and situations in all their lyrics, pretending that this will reach the heart of the audience that hears it. Pathetic. You get to hear unlikely stories because they are artificial and hollow. Seldom does something happen with those who think they are geniuses of deceit and if they have sporadic success, it does not last long. That is what we call "formulas", a kind of cooking recipes applied to art and never, never will be something good what comes out of there. Regardless of the musical genre, when the artist composes from its heart and based on its own experiences, the first aspect that the public can perceive in its songs will be honesty and that is a triumph. If the lyrics connect with the audience and the melodies are smart enough to follow easily, the song will soon become a hit and the artist will become one of their favorites. Also, if the song has that magic of reflecting something that has happened to many beyond the borders of their country, it will become universal. The universality of art transcends borders because it speaks directly to an audience that lives and experiences the same as the author at certain moments of his life and is reflected in anguish, sadness, happiness, love, social aspiration or any other situation of life that has been touched by the composer and that touches the fibers of the soul of the listener. There is a very common case that exemplifies what it is to be universal and what it is to be very local: comedy, a non-musical example; for cultural and language reasons, there are few comedians in the world who have come to conquer the hearts of the public everywhere and in many countries totally different from the ones they belong to. This is because there are many things that on one side are hilarious and on others simply do not make sense. Throughout my life, I've heard that Mexican comedy is the best in the world, who says it? the Mexicans. Actually, the common comedy of Mexicans only makes sense to Mexicans, if you tell a Mexican joke in another part of the world, people will be left with a: what? because they do not make sense the greater amount of things that for Mexicans are funny. And vice versa. I have heard many Mexicans say that Americans' sense of humor is not good, why? simple: because they do not understand it, it is very difficult if you do not live in that culture to understand what is funny and what is not. So only a few like Charles Chaplin or Mr. Bean have been able to cross borders with their comedy because they have been geniuses who have been able to take their art to the field of universality, where everyone understands, everyone laughs with very common situations for all and all they're happy. Well, that's the case of Inner Monologue, Pt. 1, by Julia Michaels. A collection of honest and universal songs.

With the anxiety of listening more

The internal monologue of Julia Michaels immediately becomes a universal dialogue with people her age around the world. I do not think there is a single girl in the world that does not identify with what the singer has written for this EP. It is refreshing the way in which Julia Michaels addresses the issues that many girls are going through in their lives at the moment, confronts them in an intelligent way, always trying to get out of problems, as less hurt as possible. Trying almost at all times to draw strength in all situations without losing the subtle sweetness and innocence that characterizes those of her age. Speaking of Inner Monologue, Pt. 1 as a whole, I think a great success is that they did not fall into the temptation to create many songs and they stayed with those that were necessary. Only what makes sense to create the work of an artist is what should stay and not to sin of ambition, filling the records with worthless things that eventually end up bored. Inner Monologue, Pt. 1 keeps you attentive all the time and you are satisfied to listen to songs full of honesty and feeling. It is an album that helps you understand many of the issues that are lodged in the mind of a girl and that are sometimes incomprehensible.

As deep as you want to get

It is very difficult to choose a song by Inner Monologue, Pt. 1 as the favorite over all others, however, if they forced me to do it, it would be "Deep.” I identify a lot with the musical style, the arrangements, the instrumentation and the interpretation of Julia Michaels. But, to be honest, I loved all the songs. The collaborations of Selena Gómez and Niall Horan are the most appropriate means to decorate this collection of six themes and they provoke greater brilliance of Julia Michaels. At no time do the arrangements fall short or the interpretation is improvised, I believe that all the details were taken care of and the spirit with which the songs were written was preserved. Best of all, it is the fact that the songs were created by the inner voice of the artist that goes through specific moments in her personal and professional life and, for that same reason, the songs became a direct dialogue with many girls in the world that share life and experience with its author. In short, they were universalized for being honest. In the end, that must be the lesson for all composers: do not resort to recipes and speak honestly to your audience.