Talk That Talk


Jun 07, 2019

Watch ‘n Learn: Rihanna shows domineering side in ‘Talk That Talk’

Written by @micamyx from MICAMYX / 8 mins read

Rihanna matured a lot. If you recall back to her “Pon de Replay” days where the young Barbadian singer who simply ‘wants to put the music up’ to being that one friend you can share your “Umbrella” with to the ultimate liberated icon who is not afraid to tell the whole world how much she values her sexuality – and that she’s in-charge of it. I love Rihanna’s songs, but in the past years, I only managed to buy three of her albums (ANTI, Loud and Talk That Talk). When I am alone at home on a weekend procrastinating when I know I have a to-do list, I sometimes just play Talk That Talk and it automatically makes me get up, groove and hustle like Queen RiRi. I was not surprised when Rihanna released Talk That Talk even if she was still sporting her red hair for the Loud era. By that time, Rihanna is one of those artists who spoils her fans and followers by releasing an album almost every year. Before one loses interest in a Rihanna single, a new one comes out. She’s a music machine, yo!

YOU THE ONE: Reggae Start

After her reggae attempt in “Man Down”, Rihanna starts her seventh album with “You Da One.” I think this is a good track to start the pace of this sexually-charged record. When I first heard it, it became my LSS right away. The chorus might be annoying, but it is catchy. It didn’t take long for YouTubers to record their own spin to the song. Perfect song for lazy chillin’ day with da one.

WE FOUND LOVE… and Calvin Harris

I would like to give Rihanna the credit for introducing Calvin Harris to the world (or at least I discovered him through her – not via Taylor Swift or Rita Ora). “We Found Love” is a dance floor favorite up to this day. The music video was done creatively and it really showed that too much love and drugs can be destructive. Personally, I like this song because I often hear it in clubs and parties. Having said that, I feel that something is lacking in this song. If this wasn’t released as a single, I will forget about it right away. Or maybe the rest of the tracks are just far too good compared to this one? Probably.

WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? The Dance Floor Pick Up Song

I was in Incheon International Airport in South Korea when the music video of “Where Have You Been” was released. As expected in any Rihanna song, this automatically became my LSS throughout my flight back to Manila. The choreography and tribal feel of the music video was fun to watch. I was dancing to it by the time I reached home and that’s when I bought the whole album. This is the strongest track of Talk That Talk and like her other dance songs, it is still a favorite in dance parties. Rihanna really knows well that her fan base love to party hard! I also witnessed some friends of mine make the first move with this song!

REUNION WITH JAY Z: From Umbrella to Talk That Talk

Rihanna reunites with her discoverer Jay Z with “Talk That Talk.” I am not sure if it was released officially as single, but I heard it everywhere I went and dance groups often groove to this beat. The chorus is catchy ‘one and two and three and four, come on let me know if you want some more’. This is Rihanna daring you to ‘walk the walk’ and ‘talk that talk’. Time to step up your game, boy! Listed as the third track in the album, that is just the first taste of RiRi’s domineering side. The theme is much more matured compared to their previous collaboration “Umbrella” – the song that launched Rihanna into a superstar.

COCKINESS (LOVE IT) AND BIRTHDAY CAKE: Theme Songs for Domineering Ladies in Bed

If you love twerking and you want your man or your crush to know that you want him that bad but you cannot say it to him personally, maybe singing and dancing to “Cockiness (Love It)” and “Birthday Cake” will do? Rihanna is blunt and shows her cocky side with Cockiness. With the opening line ‘I want you to be my sex slave’, the queen is already telling you want she really wants and later on, she declares ‘I love it when you eat it’. We all know that sex is often part of pop and dance songs, but Rihanna’s blunt and straight to the point lyrics kind of shocked her fans. They won’t stop dancing to it though! Birthday Cake resonates the same thing. If you are too innocent, “Birthday Cake” is about sex (let’s pretend you still don’t know this and it is simply a birthday present) and the icing is a metaphor to her private part, in which you want to ‘lick it’. There’s a version featuring her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. Don’t really know if they got back together at this point or if it is simply for business and pleasure’s sake, but fans dig it anyway.

In a snap, Rihanna shows her vulnerable yet hopeful side with “We All Want Love.” In this track, she describes that we all dream of something big, but do we know why we are doing all of this for? I bet she wrote this in one of her breaks or down times. She reminds us that we all want the same thing. It a song to sing if you are already loaded with cash and success you still feel that something is missing. And what is that? LOVE. I guess this is the only track in the album that kids can sing to without feeling anxious about its lyrics.


Okay, Talk That Talk is full of sex-charged songs, but Rihanna is a hopeless romantic like any other ordinary woman in which she reveals in this song. She shares that even if she’s been let down countless times, she is not giving up on love. She’s drunk on love and nothing can sober her up. My favorite part in this song is when she sings the ‘take me away’ part. You can just feel the passion there, man. It’s the type of song you’d love to sing on top of the mountain with your girl friends when you reunite because you’re all brokenhearted. Cheers to believing in love despite of all the failed relationships!


And she’s once again back in demanding something from his guy. This “Roc Me Out” track reminds me of “Rude Boy.” She might be singing about being a hopeless romantic, but she also wants to be satisfied in the lovemaking part. Like “Rude Boy”, this is another killer song on the dance floor especially if you want to be in control. If you think we’re done with the sex, there’s more! “Watch ‘N Learn” is where Rihanna shows you how she really wants to do it – with a bit of encouragement. Oh, baby, baby just like that. Let Teacher RiRi do her job and you must learn, honey! All in all, Talk That Talk is a cocky yet fun album to listen to with your friends at home or while driving if you need a bit of confidence. A friend of mine who is doing well as a boss in her job says that she’s listening to Rihanna’s sexually-charged song for inspiration or a push that she is in-charge in the work place. It also gives her the confidence to make the first move in dance floor when ‘Where Have You Been’ or “Cockiness (Love It)” pops out. Thanks Rihanna for providing us the tools! LOL!