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BLUE LIPS (Lady Wood Phase II)

"Tove Lo"

May 17, 2019

‘Blue Lips’ by Tove Lo, I have to title this Narrative with the obvious words?

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio / 6 mins read

Believe it or not, but I always feel bad when I have to resort to clichés or common places to describe a person, their jobs or situations. I do not know, I feel very ordinary and unintelligent, but sometimes it is impossible not to do it because the brain is full of all those words and phrases that, although they sound obvious and too heard and said by all it is inevitable to resort to them. It is perhaps because of the ease that these prefabricated phrases give us to express what we feel or simply because of mental laziness, but in this case it is because I do not find a better way of saying it; So, here I go: the album Blue Lips by Tove Lo, is To Be Loved. Do you see? I know it sounds very obvious and maybe ridiculous, but it's the truth! Between 2014 and 2015 I came across one or two songs by this Swedish singer, I saw some of her videos and it seemed to me one more. I did not follow her tracks because I came to think that she would soon disappear from the scene and I did not hear from her again until I came across Blue Lips. Of course, at first, I caught the attention to see the cover of the album: a pair of good buttocks wearing a suggestive thong, held with her hand with passion, and certain rudeness in an attitude of inviting something else. And that was what I thought in principle about what I would find in the songs of the album: themes impregnated with eroticism and a good rhythm, but nothing more. How wrong I was! When I came to the fourth song, "Shivering Gold" I said: "what !!!!", this is to be taken very seriously. Before moving on to the song that I just mentioned, in the first 3 tracks, Tove Lo took me to a very disco atmosphere, still at that moment I thought it was good music to dance, it had everything that is needed: a perfect selection of arrangements and sequences with a great depth in the basses that animate anyone even in the most boring disc of a cruise. But, I insist, getting to "Shivering Gold" opened my eyes as to how wrong I was about the idea that had formed me around this artist in the past. Sometimes this type of mistakes cost me to lose true jewels, just because of the prejudices I have about certain musical styles. But, fortunately, this time it was not like that and I was able to recover everything that I had missed from this interpreter and composer who, for me, already belongs to the big leagues.

And if she presented an alternative musicalization?

To speak of this disc would be for several Narratives, everything that conjugates it are worthy of a separate chapter. I mean the atmosphere created by the music and arrangements that were chosen for this album that pursues a very clear goal: the disco. However, the lyrics are not necessarily a simple and sticky resource for people to repeat it easily as it happens in other cases within the same genre; on the contrary, the content, as I expressed it a moment ago, deserves a separate chapter. The eroticism, the high load of sensuality and the refined technique to sing by Tove Lo, in addition to her musical training in the academy, is also worthy of a thorough analysis. And of course, the commercial aspect that surrounds the product as it has been presented to us is to be studied. But today I want to concentrate on the subject of music. The way it was written exceeds the expectations of the genre by a lot and forces you, as I said before, to take very seriously the quality and intelligence to compose of Tove Lo. When I heard "Shivering Gold," the first thing I thought was that the song could be played with other instruments and give it emotion and sense very different from the one heard in this version. I'm not saying that what was done for this recording is not appropriate, it's just that I think that if there was an alternative musicalization not only for this theme but for almost all the themes of the album, great opportunities would open up to appreciate this artist and the scope in terms of the audience it could reach would be enormous. I only ask you to imagine these songs of the disc played by a real drummer, two guitarists, a piano, a keyboard, maybe metals? I do not know. And her voice, an incredible voice with clarity like few others. Put distortion to the guitars and a bold arrangement to the drums, plus a bass that accompanies and excels at times with bright flashes, put them to play live these same songs and the experience would be unique, directed to a broader spectrum of musical taste, perhaps more demanding or unwilling to enter the world of the disco. I do not know, maybe it would be an alternative in the future for Tove Lo, almost always the artists want to renew and refresh their success after a few years and when I got that moment for Tove it could be a great opportunity. And I'm not talking about an "unplugged", I'm talking about a powerful and effective band that uses all the resources that musical instruments and technology give us. If this album is epic by itself, it seems to me that the alternative that I propose would be the consecration of the artist.

No bad days

I do not know, I am moved by the idea of listening someday to all this material with live music, played by living beings and interpreted by its author with that quality and emotion that characterize her. I must say that, in a couple of songs, her singing style seemed close to that of another great one, Ellie Goulding, but I'm not criticizing, it's just that she reminded me of her. It is a good fortune to have found this album and to have had the will to let myself be carried away by all those dark passages at some moments in terms of lyrics, but brilliant at all times in terms of musical composition. Definitely, Tove Lo stays in my list of favorites and will never be ignored in the work that I present in the future, I promise. This is what you have to fight with when you get used to a genre or style of music: shake off stereotypes and open up to all artistic expressions in order to appreciate and, above all, learn from all of them. For now, if you want to include a disc that guarantees that there will be no bad days, this is the right one.