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Anthem of the Peaceful Army

"Greta Van Fleet"

Apr 26, 2019

When The Anthem of the Peaceful Army Becomes Wild

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio / 6 mins read

Walked relatively fast because I had to get to a place where I didn’t want, the cold wind blew and my discomfort increased as time passed, still walking and doesn’t arrive anywhere. I had to do it and I don't know why, it's like those times when you behave like a robot: you eat what everyone eats, you see what everyone sees, you listen to what everyone hears. But you know that's wrong, you have memories of a bygone time that was better: the food was delicious, the scenery was more beautiful and, music; Oh, the music! It was simply an inexhaustible source of strength and life. My walking grew slower, I was very tired of the same thing, the same thing all the time, every day. Suddenly, I felt a tremor under my legs, it was not spontaneous, rather responded to a cycle marked by an exact sequence of deaf blows, bum... boom... boom... boom... At first I bothered, but to stop me, perfectly distinguished that those sounds had rhythm, were powerful, moved the earth and everything around me began to change, the landscape was changed and in front of me opened a steep mountain, began to mark cracks in the earth and sound was even stronger, now there were new things in what I was listening, were very sharp, very fast and complemented the bum... boom... boom... boom... It made sense, but I still couldn't know exactly. At the top of the mountain that was getting closer to me, since I kept walking, a crater opened... It was a volcano! And despite the fear that gave me I was attracted, it is like those insects that when they see a light fly towards it and contact the fascinating brilliance, they die. I didn't care, I was seeing that a lot of things out of that crater, I definitely knew I could die in the attempt, but something inside me said I had to follow, that I could not pass anything bad, after all I was surrounded by an army that seemed peaceful, gave me security and sang a sweet hymn, but as time passed, the melody turned into something violent. Soon after, the curtain would have fallen before my eyes and knew the whole truth.

When The Cold Win Burned

Then, I saw what allies shot and wrapped in fire from that volcano: they were Les Paul, Fender, Ibanez, fireballs wrapping Ludwig drums, Gretsch, Pearl, also came out smoky lights and all kind of images, some seemed to draw the silhouettes of Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, there were green and purple shades in the sky, it was amazing. But What surprised me the most was to see you there, behind everything, calm, seeing me fixed. Your clothes were long and white tunics, almost transparent, your hair was adorned with flowers, I don't know what color your skin was, but I was sure it was you. And you called me. And could not resist the invitation. It was very close to reach you when that cold wind that annoyed me at first began to burn, was getting hotter until they formed tongues of fire that burned everything, the trees, the stones, the sky. A confusing vision of something that looked like the sun emerged from that volcano, I was no longer sure what was happening to me, I just knew I wanted to get to you. I managed to hold on to a rock, doubled my right leg to support me and take strength and, in the last attempt pulled with all my strength jumped and I reached you, you were there, and you were fine. Suddenly, your robes began to fall, letting see your body completely, we were ready, and we wanted this to happen. The wind became even hotter and sweating, but it was fine. When I got hold of your hand, everything was paused, except the voices of the Pacific Army that still sang its hymn. Now he was sweeter, softer, it was as if he gave us the space we needed in the middle of nowhere, to be as we had always wanted, alone.

Reaching The Peak

We didn't put thinking, we didn't even want to take much time to start, we went straight to the point and there were our bodies banging in that place firm and humid, in the only place you can think of when you are there. To offer you more pleasure I took you violently and I put you on your back, put you on your knees almost forcibly and started to hit harder, you only made those noises that tell me everything is fine and continue. It was so much the power that I felt about you at that moment, that I took your hair and I started to pull your head to me, and you were well, it confirmed your humidity. The sounds turned into cries and the intensity increased to the degree of that your back began to transform before my eyes. Small bumps came out of your shoulder blades, as they grew bigger I began to see that they were covered with feathers, they were white. I dropped your hair because your head also suffered changes, you were Pegasus and suddenly we were flying. It Didn't take long when we reached the top of where we could see everything. You came back to me and you let me go, your eyes told me that there was nothing else to do and I understood it, I also believe that this was the end. You let me fall and I only felt the speed and strength with which my body would impact the earth, reality. Already on the ground, I knew that hollow was my grave, but I enjoyed it. Go Pegasus, keep flying, I've had enough.

Don't Worry, I'm OK

The blow was hard, everything was gone and not that I was in a dream, rather was within my thoughts while listening to the album Anthem of the Peaceful Army, from Greta Van Fleet. A reunion with the glorious past of Heavy Metal and a formidable journey into the future of this musical genre. Proud of their roots, they do not hide their fascination with Led Zeppelin, but at the same time, they enrich and renew with their creativity and experience a genre that awakes all kind of strong and powerful feelings. An injection of vitality for all lovers of good Rock. Fortunately, not all will be the same now.